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Board Games in Japan – Makers

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Hidengen – board game makers

Our 2nd episode of Hidengen, led once again by graphic & game designer YACOYON, follows Tendays Games, Oink Games and Arclight, 3 key makers of Japan’s board game scene, where we will dive into their work, while also hearing their thoughts and perspectives towards the Game Market, Japan’s largest board game event.


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  1. Where are the other series though? I sucks to only discover this. I love watching such contents!

  2. English and French subtitles are available under the “CC” menu. Portuguese and Spanish subtitles have also been made available via Community Contributions, which are open for additional language submissions. Thank you for following Archipel!

  3. Are the Japanese (auto-generated) subtitles reliable? I'm trying to learn Japanese.

  4. I honestly hate board games, but I really liked this video anyways lol. Great look into Japan's board game industry 👍

  5. Great video as always, Archipel! This video made me want to visit board game cafe in Japan this April

  6. For Scythe, the Japanese customers are maybe those of the Warhammer game, this game is ultra expensive, beside Scythe is free ^^

  7. hello, your work is really good, I have a question why you don't up the video in 60fps, do you record in 30fps ?

  8. I don't have the money to support you currently, but when I do I surely will. You guys make great content.

  9. Does tendays make that guide of 500? it's an interesting thing to see.

  10. What are the background musics? They are so chilling <3

  11. Great Video as always. Is anyone having issues with English Caption not showing from time to time? There are parts where the caption won't show for 10 seconds. 20 seconds even.

  12. archipel, would it be possible for you to list the music that was used in the video? ty

  13. i very much enjoyed the serene nature of the visuals, sounds, and discussion throughout – thank you for producing this

  14. Very much looking forward to more from this series

  15. this documentary was very difficult to subtitle but it was worth it , Nice Work Archipel

  16. Will there be a new episode of Hidengen some time soon?

  17. とてもありがとうございました!

  18. I wonder how many board games can be played by a group of people who don't speak the same language, so long as each player has a real book and their respective language…

  19. This is top tier content, with quality far above productions that have very high budgets. Great job, sir!

  20. Came here as a Japanese learner, but really enjoyed this video. I don't play board games, but now you've gotten me really intrigued. Thanks for the great work!!

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