Board Games Insider - episode 247 -

Board Games Insider – episode 247

The Podfather Of Gaming
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Ignacy and The Podfather talk about SPORTS! Huh?! Well, Ignacy’s into this World Cup of Volley Ball, not to mention Football (SOCCER to Americans!), and we address why aren’t Sport GAMES more popular. I mean, if a big Essen release is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (not the most topical artist in 2022), why aren’t games about sports popular?! Our news is all from Germany surprisingly, both new award announcements and Essen policies. Come watch us again!


  1. Another great episode! Thank you for reading my comment. I am truly very excited for the future of the hobby!I think I'm an odd duck in that I not only must read the rulebook, I actually enjoy it. It's the best way I learn.Hope you have a fun couple of weeks of travel and gaming!!

  2. I think plenty of gamers like sports, vast majority of the people I know like both. And pretty much all of them played Football Manager in the 90's. We just need better ones, I have high hopes for Eleven.

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