Board Games of 2024 - Half Year Overview -

Board Games of 2024 – Half Year Overview

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Board Games of 2024 – Half Year Overview

It’s 6 months gone and not a ton happens in the board gaming world in the first half of the year. So this is a quick round up of how the year is going so far. My 3 surprises, disappointments, anticipated and best games so far of 2024.

But there’s way more games to come yet this year. . . .



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00:00 – Introduction
03:30 – Surprising Games
08:52 – Anticipated Games
13:55 – Disappointing Games
25:52 – Best Games
32:52 – Summary Thoughts

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  1. Wonderful video, Luke! I am excited to get my pre-ordered copy of Windmill Valley, and you have put Black Forest on my radar. Cheers to you, good sir!!

  2. "No sequels". Number 1 best game…… a sequel.

  3. "Inventions: Evolution of ideas" is a fantastic game. I like it more than On Mars and Kanban. The theme is not as easy to get as it is in other Lacerda games, but after a few games, you get it.

  4. Thank you so much for the Arachnophobic warning, you have saved my life!

  5. Serious honest question: Why do people dedicate so much time to games they don't like? I know games meny people dislike and I love and viceversa. Can we agree on changing sentences like "This game is boring" to a more somewhat professional "I find it boring"? I think the ponit of listening each other is sharing our passion about the hobby, not ranting too much time about things we dislike. And this is not personal, I think this happens to most board game content creators.

  6. How can you say you were disappointed by Wyrmspan when you never expected anything from it in the first place? Was there ever a point when you said hey I want to check this out and then you were disappointed because it wasn't as good as you expected? I just don't understand the terminology of disappointment that you were using

  7. Perch is coming out this year! Also surprised you didn't mention Botany being released this year as it had quite a large backing. Locally, I'm also looking forward to the dutch release of Rebel Princess as till now its only been available in Spanish/English in my country and all the text on the cards is Spanish :/ I would prefer 100% english but the import costs are just way to pricy for a little card game. So when its released in dutch at least it will be a language I can read…

  8. Love myself a themeless brain-burny mechanical game if it's done well. As you know, Inventions is my favourite board game by a Huge margin. It has a fast setup (by far the fastest 4.7 complexity game to get going) and it leaves extreme room for player improvement over multiple games. This makes it the most refined Lacerda. There's so much room for smart creativity… Or should I say "inventiveness". The recent Lacerdas have been better and better at being Pandora's (sand)boxes. I think this may be the least luck-dependent Lacerda. I'm not against theme, but a great abstract is just fine for me. Love Sankoré too, although setup is much more annoying.

  9. Have you not seen Dune: War for Arrakis?

  10. Some notable potential additions for best games released so far in 2024:
    – Ezra and Nehemiah (Garphill)
    – El Burro (Spielworxx)
    – Harmonies
    And for most anticipated:
    – Civolution (by Stefan Feld but NOT on Queen Games but on Deep Print Games)

  11. I'm with you on Wyrmspan – that Wingspan is a fine game, whereas Wyrmspan changed the theme to something I could not care less about, has more complicated mechanisms, but no greater payoff. I'll stick to Wingspan and find out about real birds, rather than stare at made up dragons which definitely don't.

    Also with you on SETI; I spent most of Expo demoing it, and I'm very keen to acquire a copy and be able to play it properly.

    As for Lacerda games, I didn't like CO2 when it first came out, and everything since then has been worse.

    I'm still trying to decide if Windmill Valley is good, bad or indifferent. But a few games of it, then a switch to Lost Ruins of Arnak on BGA, reminds me that one of them makes my soul sing, and the other …. does not. I think it's the way that WV makes chaining actions so much like hard work, whereas it's really easy in Arnak.

    And yes, Black Forest is an auto-buy for me.

  12. Unconscious mind is my first ever backed game since getting into the hobby and can't wait for it to arrive. Look forward to the review.

  13. My top three favorite new for 2024 games that I played so far (not necessarily in this order) are 1. Let's Go to Japan 2. Star Wars Unlimited and 3. Raising Robots.

  14. Now I have to play Windmill Valley. I do not see the hype, but as everyone is praising this game, I must miss something.

  15. I'm a huge Lacerda fan, but i tend to agree, a few of his games get very dry with crunchiness.

  16. have you done a themless top 10 yet? must have.. would be a lot of roll & writes if it was me

  17. I could smell wymspan a mile away. you confirmed it.

  18. The Sankore mold stuff delaying actual delivery is going to significantly impact how it will do in 2024, if it even gets out by the end of the year.

    Still don't expect it to be great, but it'll likely be a 2025 disappointment for me.

  19. Wyrmspan for me improves Wingspan massively, I hate the feeder dice with a passion and balancing the action points in Wyrmspan is a fantastic improvement.

  20. well done as usual… explained well… good job

  21. Ive only played Donut Shot and Captain Flip. Donut Shop is nice, Captain Flip is forgettable.

    Ive heard good things about Cascadero.

  22. Best new games I’ve played this year so far – Pampero, El Burro, 7th Citadel

  23. Not much for me in the games you mentionned. Was interested in Sankore because I really liked Merv but since it’s more complex and fiddly I will pass. I also will keep playing Wingspan.

  24. Surprised not to see Leviathan Wilds on this list (aka Shadow of the Colossus the board game)

  25. Thank you for doing what you do.
    Even when I'm not into the games you're reviewing, I'm definitely squinting at your heavily-stocked shelves behind you for ideas 😆

  26. This post ran longer than I expected, sorry!

    I have to admit I find Inventions unnecessarily labyrinthine, and just too dry. At the end of the day the chain actions are just so… uncompelling, and that's pretty much all it is. There's just not enough there, and to me it feels like it has been deliberately designed to hide that fact(imo) in an arbitrarily tangled up mess of wires that exist purely to waste time.

    I think it's obtuse, and worse, I think it has been designed to be obtuse on purpose just so us fans can say "look how complex and therefore good it is." I've never gotten that impression from his games prior to Weather Machine, but that feeling is particularly strong here.

    I am really hoping and praying that the upcoming Speakeasy will be a thematic and mechanical "return to form." On a very surface level, it certainly looks that way, but I have to admit my patience at excess rules that seem to exist for the sake of existing (and I say that as someone that loves On Mars and everything that comes before it), with no interesting thematic justification is wearing thin. Both Weather Machine and Inventions are very guilty of this, and I'm getting a bit jaded with spending £150 to see the same recurring issues.

    I love Vital Lacerda designs in general but somehow Inventions comes out of the oven feeling simultaneously half-baked AND overdone. I guess that's quite an achievement?

  27. The best (and only) game I've played that was released in the first half of 2024 is Salton Sea.

  28. I look forward to learning more about Black Forest and SETI, maybe Civolution as well. Shame about Inventions, glad I did not back it.

  29. 100% agree on your Wyrmspam-rant — but unlike you I have NO interest in playing it. So — everybody hyped about this BUT the 2 of us. Theme is terrible. How can this be better game-wise than Wingspan? The guild-track might be good, but I like the dice-birdfeeder. Love all these phantastic bird cards. (And unlike you – I even like the big box.)

  30. Yeah, I liked Wyrmspan, but can’t disagree what You said here. Bird theme was better, art was better, etc. And definitely the book for Dragons is the most useless component ever 😅

  31. For me, surprise game is Skyrise Delulxe (over produced but great game play), looking forward to Windmill Valley and unconscious minds.
    Big disappointment is Fractured Sky, but Inventions is a hit with us. Wyrmspan is a miss compared to Winspan. 🤠👍

  32. Great video Luke!

    I think the worst thing I've played by far this year is Botany (I think it's just delivered to backers so far), I don't think you'd like it either Luke haha

  33. I bought Wyrmspan thinking that even though I love Wingspan, I have played it to death, and so a change of pace might revitalize the system… I will be keeping Wingspan.

  34. I kind of agree with you about Wyrmspan. Have played it about half a dozen times and that's probably enough. Will stick with Wingspan.

  35. OMG! Sequel to Glass Road!!! How did I not hear of this before…. must pre-order! Love Uwe!

  36. Finally somebody said it … "Wrymspan is Wingspan with extra fluff". Thank you good sir. Persoanlly if i am going to play a multiplayer solitair game i would rather play a streamlined game.

  37. I bought Dune: War for Arrakis in order to see if war games are for me. It turns out that they are, as this one is fantastic (and an actually thematic Dune game). Now I am looking forward to A Gest for Robin Hood to see if a 2 player COIN game can be for me as well.

  38. Only got one game from 2024 and it was a KS: Primal the awakening, my first and probably last mini heavy game. Love it though.
    After that I just keep buying older 'proven' games usually and even that has slowed dramatically.
    This year I got: Whitehall mystery, Long shot the dice game, Ashes Reborn and the loop.

  39. The only ones I've got released from this year so far are Seaside and Fateflip: Washed Ashore. I agree about Wyrmspan, was disappointed they didn't make one about bats and other flying creatures.

  40. Completely agree with Inventions. Huge disappointment.

  41. Really happy to hear that Black Forest is shaping up nicely!

  42. An interesting concept for a video, though I think it went on too long. I'd suggest heavier editing. For an overview video such as this I don't know if we need so many detailed thoughts. Or perhaps separate videos for each category.

  43. So many good games, no, fantastic games from previous years that I haven't played yet, so being a slow half of a board game year does not look that bad to me!

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