Board Games We Love That are 10+ Years Old -

Board Games We Love That are 10+ Years Old

The Boardvengers
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We are the Boardvengers! Taken from different places across the gaming cosmos and the multiverse we have come together to bring you the best of Board Gaming! Each Tuesday a different Boardvenger will host a topic or video and there may or may not be other Boardvengers that join for opposing or supporting opinions. Below you can find more information about each of the boardvengers, but of course, the best place to find us is on our website:

McKay Anderson – The Board Game Critic – @theboardcritic
Ben and Em – Date Night Dice – @datenightdice
Nelson – Fantasy and Some Flights – @fantasyandsomeflights
Roberto – Shear Boardom – @shearboardom
Dave – Game Foundry – @gamefoundry
Meg – Professor Meg – @professormeg
Jason – D20 Woodworking – @d20woodworking

If you have any questions or would like to contact the group about social media activations or collaborations please contact us through our website

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  1. Great video! Pandemic comes to mind for me, but I was very into Krosmaster Arena back in the day.

  2. Probably Castles of Burgundy. Honorable mentions would be Dominion, 7 Wonders, El Grande, Kingsburg.

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