Board games we played this month! | 10+ mini game reviews | AUGUST 2022 -

Board games we played this month! | 10+ mini game reviews | AUGUST 2022

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Hey friends! Let’s chat about all the games we played in the month of August! As we get doing more of these I find that I don’t have as many “new to me” games or games I haven’t chatted about on the channel so instead of 15 we are doing 14ish mini game reviews. Hope you enjoy and be sure to let me know down below what games you played in August!

Check out Philosophy on Gamefound!

00:00 intro
01:24 board game stats
02:05 #1
04:24 #2
07:05 livestreaming games over on TWITCH!
08:11 #3
10:01 #4
12:30 #5
15:38 #6
15:53 #7
17:48 #8
19:30 #9
20:14 #10
23:54 #11
25:13 #12
26:09 #13
27:49 #14
30:26 my top 3 plays of the month
33:22 outro

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  1. check out Onitama for 2 player chess vibes 🙂

  2. Oh, I love Spirit Island! Took me a while to learn and get to grips with, but it's now one of my all-time favorites. The expansions are exceptional, as well.

  3. I have played clank a few times. I’d be interested to see which you think is best. I’m currently trying the girls with it. If it’s a hit I am going to get acquisitions incorporated, which I hear good things about.

  4. Boardgame Life Hack: If you own Mysterium / Dixit or any other abstract card art games, you can play what feels like an advanced version of Similo. I prefer it this way as it eliminates the obvious clues.

  5. lol I saw you were playing the Alaska live feed in the background while playing Cascadia. I do that too, set the scene with a good background sound / music theme. i feel like it really helps the immersion and experience

  6. Hi, just stumbled across your channel, has anyone ever told you, you look like Keira knightley?

  7. I heard that CLANK LEGACY was one of the greatest games of all time.

  8. Spirit Island!!Great game!! I've already got interested in Near&Far but haven't played it. How about the solo mode of the Amber Mine Expansion??

  9. 6:41 I heard Now or Never is really good! (If you are into those type of games, which it clearly seems like you are).

  10. 17:28 Yes, I would ❤️ to see a video comparing Clank! and Clank! in Space 🙂

  11. 30:15 Philosophy sounds really interesting! It is a shame that their funding goal was set so high.

  12. I played once to "Ark Nova" (and lost: the solo variant is difficult, there are not many rounds to complete our Conservation Cards…) and then to lighter games, mostly "Savannah Park" and "Akropolis", two abstract puzzle games that I like a lot. 

    I discovered" Twice as Clever" (I think it is this one : the second box of the collection in fact), that I didn't know. It's really pleasant and quickly played but I still haven't find the trick so as to get high scores! Mines are… pitiful!^^ But the game is fun.

    I'll probably buy the next one (I don't know the name, in French it will be Très futé 4 ever" "So clever 4 ever"?)

    I also played to "Food Chain Island", the small wallet card game from Button Shy, following "Sprawlopolis". I found it really funny and interesting for a quick game! I win sometimes but I always using the wild cards, I can't do without them.

    I still really enjoying "Wild Serengeti" (maybe my fav of the moment), that I'm playing at the moment and the little "Mazescapes": a simple maze sheet but oh my! difficult to win! I'm helpless with all that is connected with spatial location (localisation?) but I love mazes, I don't know why. And no Ariadne thread to help!

    I thought I didn't played much but in fact I discovered some new games.
    I saw a video of "Endangered", the French version is released this week and I'm very tempted!
    "Honey Buzz" is attracting me too: you are saying so many nice things about it!!

    I don't know any Ryan Laukat game, but I'll watch it when "Distant Skies" is released. It's said to be a "lighter" "Sleeping God", which is a good point for solo gamers ("Sleeping God" must be an excellent huge narrative game, but with too many characters to manage when you're alone).

    I can't play chess, I only know how to move the pieces. I don't think I could learn solo, I would need some (patient) professor! 👨‍🏫

    And there are so many games in my collection that I want to play! It's a pity not to have the opportunity to play everything you want, but at the same time it's so nice to have choice between our beloved boxes! In September I absolutely want to play at least "It's a wonderful Kingdom" and "Gorinto" again!

    Thanks a lot for the video, it gives us idea for playing new games! (I must avow that"Ten Penny Park" is also very tempting!^^)

    Have an excellent week-end and happy gaming!

  13. Wonderful video as always. Just purchased and played the original Clank and loved it. I am mixed on clank in space. Seems a bit heavier and very interested in clank catacombs so yes I would love to see a comparison of the three. Thank you again for the wonderful videos.

  14. Introducing the board game party of Thai people, kongkang the wild party. Very fun.🦍🍌

  15. Luv the gold, silver , bronze application. 😃😃😃

  16. My top 3 plays of the month were Viticulture, Castles of Burgundy and Brass Birmingham. Great video!

  17. Just recently got Radlands too. Totally agree that the artwork is great. Makes me think of Rage the video game, or Borderlands. Colourful but post-apocolyptic.

    Cascadia is sadly sitting on our shelf but will be getting it to the table v.soon. Calico is quite similar but Cascadia looks more chilled and lot's of point making opportunities.

    Another great video, thanks!

  18. Another lovely video! That wavelength box fart LOL, and also very excited for your top 10 comfort games video. Good idea

  19. Ahh love that you got to try spirit island! It is my favorite game! It was really fun watching the playthrough on twitch!
    Also the expansions for this game are some of the best expansions I have ever got for a game

  20. So happy that you are getting into Spirit Island! There are great Spirit Island communities across BGG and Reddit if you keep on diving into it. Or feel free to reach out, I have been playing for years with no sign of slowing down!

  21. Ryan Lauket is aMAZing… he and his wife are so nice too.

  22. YESSSS these are my favorite episodes!! attemps to resist buying first three games you listed already

  23. Get. Sleeping. Gods. Now. Seriously, I have N&F and do not care for it very much. But Sleeping Gods blew me away. It's glorious and I guarantee you will love it. My only advice is: if you and your partner play it: DO NOT do that "split the crew up" crap. Just have full access to the crew on each of your turns. They get fatigued so when you split the crew up and take half (you both have access to using the Captain each turn), you are just limiting yourself for no real reason. Don't worry about the KS version or expansions…it's a HUGE world and you will have more than enough in the base game.

  24. I 100% agree that the mechanics of Spirit Island were easier than I expected, but winning is always a struggle. I’m only now exploring the scenarios and more complicated spirits. It’s my favorite game and has so many options to increase the difficulty.

  25. Philosophy looks awesome! I can't wait to hear more about that one. Do get yourself a Chess set and also: abstracts are a WONDERFUL genre. I used to not care for them because (and I think you'll agree) there are SO MANY COOL GAMES OUT THERE…why would I want some boring looking abstract thing? So in 2016, I decided to REALLY give them a go. And I really discovered what is beautiful about them. MOST abstracts are basically "board game concentrate", meaning that they pack a LOT of punch in a short amount of time and often with VERY simple rules. So when you and Francis get home and you want to play a game, but don't want to set something up, relearn it, etc: that is where the abstract can swoop in and save the day!. I HIGHLY recommend games from the GIPF serious by Kris Burm. They are all these beautiful two player games that have weird names: GIPF, YINSH, TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK, ZERTZ and PUNCT. They are these beautiful chunky pieces and are all ROCK solid. If I had to pick on to start with: DVONN, TZAAR or YINSH would be all equally good.

  26. I finally got a copy of Modern Art! Rlly excited to play it

  27. Another great moth of games! Love it!!

  28. Have you played familiar tales? A good one if you like near and far!

  29. Cascadia is very very good. Good for grabbing it.

    I was dying to hear your experience on Spirit Island. I wouldn't call it a deck builder but it can feel that way with drafting new powers, playing them, reclaiming them, and forgetting some. Hand management is definitely more accurate. There is a big element of area control. I would still consider the game complex, especially throwing in Jagged Earth+Branch/Claw mechanics. The key complexity feature is that it removes Macro and Micro management of one alpha player in a cooperative setting. I am incredibly familiar with the game now and I have yet to lose a single time after dozens of games but in four player situations I haven't found myself taking over someone's experience. The reason for that is there is so much going on for your own board. The layout is different enough and combined with asymmetric powers/special rules/unique power cards, the strategy of one player will be so vastly different even if the tactics used by spirits can be similar. Im glad it met a lot of your expectations but I disagree respectfully on your complexity take.

  30. I haven't played point salad but I read Point City is engine building and that has me really excited.

  31. I would love to see an update video about your board game table. Positives and some not to positives. Thanks

  32. Great list of games! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed Radlands! That's one of my favorites. Wavelengths and So Clover are two of my favorite Game Night party style games to bring out when my not-in-the-hobby friends are over. Checking my stats for August, I had 30 plays, 15 different games, and 6 new to me. Favorite of the month was probably The Initiative.

  33. Glad you got spirit island to the table! It’s Definitely one of my go to games.

    I’ll have to check out near and far.

  34. Radlands is mysteriously high in price on board game bliss right now unfortunately.
    Looks like I have to add so clover back onto my wish list since SO many people keep mentioning it.

  35. If you want a good, thinky 2 player only game, Shobu or Onitama are great options! :). My favorite play of last month was Tenpenny Parks!

  36. yay!!! do you have the Amber Mines expansion for Near and Far? the magic is so so awesome, can’t play without lol

    …you love Tarot cards and solo gaming, you gotta try A Light in the Mist!! it. is. awesome. a top play this month for me.
    another game with Tarot cards that is neat is Court of Miracles but less tarot-y lol (but 3+ annoyingly)

    we’ve been loving Call to Adventure this month, simple fun 🙂

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