Board games we played this month! | 10+ mini reviews | SEPTEMBER 2022 -

Board games we played this month! | 10+ mini reviews | SEPTEMBER 2022

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Hey friends! It’s time for another monthly wrap up! Like I said in the video this was such a great month of gaming! We made so many memories and played some amazing games. Hopefully you all had a great month as well! Let me know down in the comments what you played and enjoyed this month!

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00:31 games on BGA (board game arena)
04:23 Stonemaier Games Annual Charity Auction
07:16 board game stats
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36:47 top 3 plays of September
41:15 outro

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  1. I have the Pantheon espansion and I really like it! The artwork is great and I was a mythology nerd when I was a kid so I was drawn to it. It's a bit too complex for my mom, but it looks less complex than the Agora expansion…

    As soon as you become the best player in any game, you are immediately given a ban without explanation. Just so others have a chance to be the best too. The administration ignores all the problems!

  3. 🎲 I don't have a top 3, but I can say I just received a copy of Endless Winter and I have a whole lot of punching and learning to get through…

  4. 🎲 unfortunately the Hazmats for Radlands have been OOS forever! I’ve been tempted to buy the deluxe version simply to get the mats

  5. 🎲 I love how much Francis’s family seems to be into the hobby. What a neat shared bonding activity with your in-laws.

  6. Just played Architects with Artisan expansion solo yesterday. If you are a carebear, use the AI or you could always get the Tomesaga expansion to play coop against the Overlord (he's mean so that will give you a good challenge and works with the Viscounts and Paladins).

  7. 🎲 Sounds like a great month. Jealous you get to play at some game developers house!

  8. 🎲 Bluff! I used to play Perudo, aka Liars Dice. I bought a whole bunch of dice just to play some more but didn't get to :(. Great filler though 🙂

  9. 🎲 I’m curious to see how you like Creature Comforts solo. I love it multiplayer, but didn’t like it solo. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Jenna, you never need to apologize for a long video! We're all here because we love hearing you talk about board games, so a long video is just more of a good thing! 🎲🎲 Sounds like you had a really great month of gaming! It was a slow gaming month for me; hoping to get more time at the table in October!

  11. So much fun! Thanks for sharing all your experiences with these games. 🎲

  12. Congratulations for having been selected and for taking part in the Stonemaier charity auction, and choosing an animal protection foundation! 
    As an animals lover, that makes me really happy!
    The people that gave money are incredible! that's great!!!!
    (I'm still looking for a cat shelter or for "parents" here in France who could take care of my little protégés, as 9 cats live at home at the moment. 3 babies still need a home! Well, I'll keep the others! 😺)

    Hence, I don't play much, as these lovely critters are keeping me busy, and moreover, the disability and the meds make me tired and sleepy.
    I eventually bought Honey Buzz, the game is on my table, waiting for me (of course one of the she-cats, Meeple, is very interested by the smooth honey tokens! I need to watch them all the time, like babies! ^^)

    Lacrimosa is very intriguing! Devir (Spanis/Portuguese/Brazilian group) is known to produce good games (Luna Capital 💜 , Bitoku, Mazescape…). I'll follow this game when it comes here and watch your video about it, for sure!

    I love 7 wonders Duel too. The solo made by Bruno Cathala during the containment is very good. You just have to print a few cards. You can find the solo version on BGG I think (you play against Cléopâtre, Caesar, Hammurabi….and they are far from being easy to beat!)

    Thank you very much for the video Jenna!
    have a wonderful and sunny week-end! (Indian summer must be gorgeous at your place!)

  13. 🎲 Top 3 games this month are Raiders of the North Sea
    Fantasy Realms

  14. Time to sit down with a brew and chill, while watching the board game channel with the chillest vibes on YouTube 🙂

  15. My nephew really likes PUSH too, as did my students last year (this year’s students haven’t discovered it yet!). Lots of good games on your list! I’ve tried a bunch of them but I’m super curious about LACRIMOSA!

    My September had a similar number of plays (31). The last day of it (and the first two days of October) were spent at SHUX in Vancouver, which was an absolute thrill! I got to meet people I’d been hoping to meet IRL for over a year!

    I had 8 new games in September. BLACK ANGEL is a super fun space themed game with some satisfying crunch and a really unique tableau-building mechanism. Speaking of tableau building, I finally got to try OH MY GOODS, which I’d been looking forward to for a while because I love PORT ROYAL so much, and it did not disappoint! It’s a bit trickier but it does a lot with a little. I found that card luck affected the game more than I liked, but it’s not a super long game, so it was still good. FAFNIR is a cute, simple Oink game with a neat auction mechanism. And finally, I tried AZUL: QUEEN’S GARDEN, which I liked a lot, even though it doesn’t feel like the other games in the series due to its extra crunch and the different tile selection options. Definitely want to play it more!

    The other new games were all played at SHUX. My first game of the convention was VEILED FATE, a sort of hidden-role area movement game. It was alright. (I ended up teaching it to another group later in the convention.) Q.E. is a fun party-adjacent game, and I can see it coming out again in the future. With an online friend that I met in person, we played CLANK!. Though I’d played CLANK IN SPACE before, this one seemed more solid mechanically. It was a good time! We roped a few more players together and played HANSA TEUTONICA, which was good fun although one player absolutely demolished everyone by getting a good spot really early, so I’m worried it might be a bit imbalanced.


  16. 🎲 I keep hearing about Push. I may have to check it out. Also, congrats on your selection! Anyways, love your stuff!

  17. 🎲 my favorite game of last month was Raiders of the North Sea. Last month (September) I got in 45 plays. 26 different games. 10 that were new to me. Great video. I agree with you that Creature Comforts is such a cozy comfy game.

  18. We really enjoy seven wonders dual, architects and fun fair too! 😊

  19. Our top three of the month would be SW Duel, Jekyll & Hyde and Draftasaurus!(couldn’t find the die so I went with a cute ghost👻)

  20. Highly recommend 7 wonders duel Pantheon expansion, in my opinion it's essential and I wont play without it, mostly because it breaks the back and forth so you cant always predict which cards will be available. The second expansion isnt as necessary, and likely too complex to play with both (but I haven't tried it). Thanks for the video 🙂

  21. 🎲 Good on you for all the plays! I've been really tempted to buy Architects!

  22. Are you canadian? I keep hearing this funny 'ou'-sound. I like it 🙂 I'm interested in accents.

  23. 🎲 1) Castles of Mad King Ludwig 2) Firefly: Misbehaving ’ 3) The Taverns of Tiefenthal

  24. Recent subscriber, really enjoying your content 🙂 Very pleased to see Funfair getting some love. I recently picked it up (partly thanks to seeing it on your channel) and it is very good. Really hits the spot for the amusement park theme that I craved. I’d also love to see some expansions, hope they’re able to do that.

  25. Like you, I prefer the physical board games to the online ones. I love the tactile nature of the physical games.

    I am jealous of you having Lacrimosa already. I have it on preorder, but I am sure it is going to be well after Essen before I actually get my copy since I live in the States.

    I just played a solo game of Creature Comforts today! I used the Talents mini-expansion for the first time and really like that addition.

    Congratulations on having your best gaming month ever!

  26. 🎲🎲🎲 Love your videos! Always so calming and soothing! 🎲🎲🎲

  27. I love Push, just got in Green Team Wins. Gaming Royalty… Daryl and Jenna. 🎲 solo player guild unite.

  28. 36 times. Those are rookie numbers. 🙂 September was also my most played month. 89 plays of 46 different games. Highlight was Agricola and Praga Caput Regni

  29. 🎲From experience, I can say that playing Radlands with the neoprene playmats is a must! My top three for September were 1) Catherine, Cities of the Tsarina; 2) Sprawlopolis, and 3) The Red Cathedral.

  30. You’ve convinced me to get Architects! 🎲 Also, definitely get the mats for Radlands; wouldn’t play it any other way. The green team game sounds a lot like Herd Mentality, one of my favorite party games!

  31. The Lacrimosa board looks way too busy/beige/complicated for my liking, but that card tucking looks REALLY cool!

  32. Also I think we need more cwraunchy games 🎲

  33. 🎲I tried to get Architects from my local game shop and they didnt have it! but i did get DDD from your previous recommendations! I think Architects has a solo mode, but if i remember correctly Constantine is really mean! prepare for meeples in jail!

  34. I’m so curious what your thoughts are on solo creature comforts!! 🎲 😍

    Augh I’ve been hearing such good things about Architects & Lacrimosa— I’m on a board game no-buy for the next few months since I’m getting the Complete Collection for Everdell, and kinda want to see what the storage space situation is going to be after that arrives 😂 but I’m hoping they’re going to be at PAX U so that I can try them out & maybe pick up a copy there!!!!

    PS— really hope you come to PAXU!!!

  35. I hate to be a bother…Could you put all of the videos from this channel into a single playlist so I can watch em without too much clicking around? 😁

  36. As a Stardew Valley video game fan, have you played the board game?

  37. As a classically trained musician and someone who got their degree in Composition (and has actually performed Mozart's Requiem and studied the actual autograph scores–including the fragemented sketches he made in his last weeks), I am so so so excited for Lacrimosa! It looks like it's a really solid Euro game on top of it, so I'm hopeful peeps will really hype this up, because I want more classical music themes <3 (Also: congrats on being selected for the Stonemeir fundraiser!)

  38. 🎲 love Architects of the west kingdom, the whole trilogy is awesome.
    Top three of the month… hmmm.
    On BGA, it’s 1. Wingspan, 2. Tapestry, 3. Clans of Caledonia

    1. Sagrada
    2. Quacks of Quedlingburg with expansions
    3. Decorum

    I recently came across your channel, lots of fun stuff 😁

  39. Really want an opinion on Lacrimosa: does the part of the game which keeps revisiting Mozart's life events get repetitive over time? I love the music track and instruments but really worried replaying Mozart's life events over and over each game will burn it out for me. Thoughts anyone? 🙂

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