Board games we played this month! | 15 mini game reviews | MAY 2022 -

Board games we played this month! | 15 mini game reviews | MAY 2022

The Board Game Garden
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Hey friends! It is the last day of May and you know what that means! It’s time for a monthly overview of everything we played this month! It was the best month yet! SO MANY AMAZING GAMES! I am pretty sure I missed a new as well! I remember playing Lanterns as well & Hadrians Wall! Hope you enjoy!

00:00 intro
01:51 monthly stats
03:23 #1 Wingspan
04:23 #2 Indian Summer
06:23 #3 Arboretum
08:07 #4 TUKI
09:58 #5 Paint The Roses
12:22 #6 Decorum (sorry there isn’t more about Decorum, my camera stopping recording and I didn’t realize.. full video will be coming soon!)
13:08 #7 Galaxy Trucker
15:36 #8 Clank! In! Space!
17:34 #9 ROAM
20:23 #10 Tiny Towns (solo variant)
23:25 #11 Bites
25:50 #12 Merchants Of The Dark Road
27:42 #13 Three Sisters
28:33 #14 Taverns Of Tiefenthal
29:16 #15 On Tour
30:40 top 3 plays of the month
32:36 outro

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  1. Do you know beginner solo games or games similar to splendor?

  2. I recently found Alhambra and I definitely recommend it! It has beautiful artwork and is relaxing but it is also thinky!

  3. Wups… Back at Ya… Great Games Played This Month… Welcome to the Community.

  4. Love this “mini review” format! I am really looking forward to playing Merchants of the Dark Road! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! ☺️ p.s. What software do you use to edit your videos?

  5. I love the Clank in Space theme better but own The OG Fantasy Clank. I prefer it only for the quicker set up and ease of play. If there was a single map option in not modular board I would likely prefer Clank in Space. The solo story for Clank in Space is fun and makes it tempting to get.

  6. Loving your new channel! Also, I use the BG Stats app just for myself and all my buddies think it's hilarious but I just have so much fun tracking. PS ignore all the losers who may have posted mean comments on your first vid, you have so many people who genuinely want you to succeed.

  7. Love hearing your opinion on the Clanks – have been considering getting one of the two for a while now. If the space one fixes a couple mechanics from the original that may need to be the way I go given most of the gameplay is similar 🙂 happy to see the garden growing!!

  8. Shelf of opportunity contains: Clank Legacy AND Galaxy Trucker (among 20 others).
    Keep hearing good things of Arboretum. Three sisters sounds really good and I do enjoy a good roll and write.
    Wish I had bought Tuki when it was on a crazy sale on BGB.

  9. I really appreciate your months review. I am always looking for new board games.

  10. fun games! I’m glad you like Roam so much 🙂
    we had a hard month and didn’t get as many games played as usual but my favourite was definitely rediscovering Wasteland Express Delivery Service – I forgot how much I love that game!! it’s so much fun, and goes into my group of games that I love organizing/setting up/putting away… very satisfying storage system in it which is a weird thing that really helps me relax.

    my other top ones of the month: Raiders of Scythia (I think you would really enjoy that one), Hit Z Road and Unlock! Kids (have you tried any of the Unlock games? you might like them, I adore them solo – might be really fun for a solo Sunday).

  11. Great format. Really enjoy your new channel

  12. Love this format as well. We will have to try Tuki! Some of our favorite dexterity games that both our families love are : Ice Cool, Kabuto Sumo, Hearts of Attrition (this one is my mom's favorite and his a hidden gem for all ages), Gravity Warfare and Rhino Hero Super battle. These have all been hits at family game nights. Love the new channel.

  13. "You are somebody's reason to smile" is such a great way to end your videos. I don't think you need to come up with a different one for this channel.

  14. Can you please add the minutes it takes to play in future videos?

  15. My top 3 out of the games we played for the month of May would be…
    1. Merchants of the Dark Road
    2. Paint the Roses
    3. Clank! In Space

  16. Loving the new channel! I played 18 games in May, a few favorites that I always go back to (Unmatched and Dice Throne), and a few that I finally got to the table for the first time (Creature Comforts, That Time You Killed Me) Can't wait to get Decorum and Paint the Roses!

  17. The twitch link didn't work for me. It said "unless you've got a time machine, that content isn't available" lol.

  18. 1st time watcher. Take it or leave it, but my recommend is to add some pictures or video of the game itself. For me, this talk only format doesn't work and I wasn't able to watch it through. However, I did want to leave a comment that the variety is good here and that I hope to see more. Cheers, and good luck!

  19. You sold me on Paint of the Roses. Great format. I have played some new games in may. Crescent Moon. Disney Sorcerers Arena. Maria. Arcs. A few more!

  20. My favorite plays of May were Scout, Ark Nova, planet unknown, and azul queens garden.

  21. A lot of great games y’all got to enjoy! I had my first play of Paint the Roses and it was amazing, can’t wait to dive back into it!

  22. Love this format of video! Little overviews of each game is really helpful.

    If you love Three Sisters, you should check out Motor City when it comes out. It's the next in the series from Ben & Matt.

    My favorite play of May was Dice Realms. Really engaging dice-modification game.

  23. Thanks for the quick overview reviews. Merchants of the Dark Road has been one I've been wanting to play. I've kind of passed over Galaxy Truckers as it just hasn't drawn me in, but I might have to look more into it.

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