Board games we played this month! | 15+ mini game reviews | MAY 2023 -

Board games we played this month! | 15+ mini game reviews | MAY 2023

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Happy new month! Woohoo! It’s that time of month when I chat all about the games I played last month. May was definitely a slower month when it came to playing multiplayer games but it was still amazing. I still got a solid amount of games played and I was able to focus on solo games! Enjoy!

00:00 intro
01:38 BG stats & BGA plays
05:23 physical plays
31:55 top 3 plays & outro

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  1. Dwellings coolest thing isbthe house hats where meeples become dwellings/homes.

  2. Unfortunately may was a bad month for me. Only a few plays when we had friends over. Believe we played Betrayal, 7 Wonders and Resistance. But the reason for this month being so bad on the solo front was because of being obsessed with the new Zelda game. Once that's done, will be excited to get back to table.

  3. Glad you enjoyed playing Carnegie 🙂 It’s definitely one that can be unforgiving if you don’t time things well. I haven’t yet won solo 😅

  4. My top 3 favorite new games last month were Star Wars Rebellion (epic cat & mouse), The King is Dead (super tight action economy), and One Deck Galaxy. I also tried the Spirecrest expansion for Everdell for the first time, and it's my favorite of the first three expansions.

    The top 3 games that I played most were Root (x9), Oath (x3), and a four games tied for 3rd place with 2 plays each: One Deck Galaxy, Hive, Fuji Flush, and the Desolation module for Scythe, which I tried solo.

    The top 3 game plays I enjoyed most were Star War Rebellion, Xia (cos I finally won, ha, but it was also cos I finally got a better understanding of the strategy, and it was a fun come from behind victory too), and Dead of Winter (which I've been wanting to play again for several years).

  5. Ark Nova month! Also love the song at the beginning. Keep doing you

  6. Please give Mosaic a try. It is the best strategy game distributed by Continuum Games.

  7. First comment wouhou 🎉🤩 Im very intrigued by Moonrakers

  8. just picked up The Networks, Terraforming Mars and Distilled to add to my growing collection. so excited to play them!

  9. I want a Westie in my gaming group! Really want to try Moonrakers. My top 3 of May were:

    1. Hadrians Wall (solo)
    2. Castles of Burgundy
    3. Castellion (solo)

  10. ark nova's the focus? did I miss the Wayfarer's tale livestream?

  11. I would really like to play Fractured Sky.
    I'm currently in my first game of It's a Wonderful World on bga and really enjoying it. Might be one I add to the physical collection.

  12. I love It's a wonderful world. I was hesitant about it for a long time, but then purchased it, and I really enjoy it. Also I would love to play Ark Nova, I just do not have time to learn it.

  13. Have been interested in Dwellings of Eldervale for a while. Just wondering which edition you picked up? I can only access the standard edition at the moment.

  14. My daughter was staying with us for a couple weeks and we completed Aftermath campaign which was so fun

  15. Hamsterrolle looks like a blast! New to me games were The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Egizia: Shifting Sands, and Lockup. Enjoyed them all!

  16. I have a physical copy of Akropolis arriving in a couple days. Now I'm doubting my purchase! What didn't you like about it? I heard it was similar to Cascadia which I love.

  17. I played 135 plays
    48 different games
    I think around 25 games new to me
    I made this type of video yesterday haha

  18. 62 plays of 42 games this past month. Highlights were Rajes of the Ganges, Kanban EV, and Grand Austria Hotel.

    It’s ok to not like Steam Up. I also thought it wasn’t a very good game. I honestly think the production is making people like it more than the actual gameplay. When did we start valuing pretty things over good game mechanics?

  19. What a cozy corner where I feel welcomed! Question, have you tried Thunder Road Vendetta? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  20. Walt compensates well behaved good girl Penny 🙂

  21. My group plays Detective club with the App and a Dixit deck. I prefer it over Dixit

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