Board games we played this month! | 20+ mini game reviews | JULY 2023 -

Board games we played this month! | 20+ mini game reviews | JULY 2023

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Hey friends! We are a bit late to this video but we are doing it! It’s happening! I am chatting all about the games I played in July multiplayer. Originally I was going to have the solo games I played in this video but it was WAY too long so we are still doing 2 videos! Solo video will be up early next week! Enjoy!

00:00 intro
01:58 board game stats
04:22 what I played
42:27 outro

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  1. What's better than a short video of board game goodness? A long video! Don't worry about the length. It's always great to see what you've played and how much you liked each game.

  2. I had missed Trailblazers is adding an expansion… It is a fun puzzle to solo. Looking forward to Sasquatch 🌳🌲🌲

  3. I actually love longer videos (even though social media is killing long form videos), thanks for taking the time to make this video, Jenna! I enjoyed it and added a few more games to my wishlist. Haha!

  4. yesss you finally played a Lacerda. they are simply the best Euros and many find they replace alot of games in collections. keep going!!!!

  5. Love Botanik! Yes, there is a solo variant on BGG

  6. Trailblazers and Dog Park were my favorite of the 30 games I played in July definitely will play a lot more of them. Sadly I played a lot of games that didn't really hit for me in July that will probably not stay in my collection. My friend brought over his Kickstarter of Townsfolke Tussle we also had a lot of fun playing this boss battler that I flubbed and called a Bass Bottler. It's got that 1920s cuphead art and has that kind of cartoon quality things that happen but in a very much dark humor to it. It's basically a lighter version of KDM.

  7. Fun Facts, super easy, everyone here has loved it so far, even my parents who grumbled at the idea of playing a game.

  8. Hi Jenna, french bg content creator here. Been a watcher of the garden for several months now, thanks a lot for your videos !

    My best discoveries this month were Expeditions : Around the World (a reprint of and old 1985 game), Fauna (my game of the month, also a reprint from the 2008 game), The Field of the Cloth of Gold (cutthroat 2p game with very interesting design choices), Focus (2p codenames-ish game with pictures and a wonderful flow of play and choices) and Somewhere on the Road (indie rpg about friends going on a road trip and talking about life, travel, friendship and many things).

    Have a nice day and a nice month !

  9. Yay!🎉 I’m glad you enjoyed Witchstone that much! It’s becoming one of my favourites, I’m down to play it again anytime!

  10. Time's Up is definitely my favorite party game of all time.

  11. Chill?! Chill!??!? Don’t tell me to chill.


  12. July highlights I played 53 times of 41 different games. 20 were new to me. Highlights were On Mars, Barrage, and Golem

  13. We've played sleeping gods a few times now and our first go at it was difficult, but please stick with it! It gets "easier" to play against. Paladins is also my current favourite of the trilogy, followed by Architects, then Viscounts

  14. After a few hours we wound up just skipping the combat in sleeping gods, I’d just show the kids the card for the enemy. It was hard enough and we were able to finish the campaign and didn’t feel like we missed much.

  15. in July i played: Dorf Romantik, thats so clever (of course), Cascadia, Calico, Motor City, Fleet the Dice Game, Turing Machine, Trail Blazers, more Dorf Romantik!, Rolling Realms, Brikks, Metro X. i love my Roll / Flip and Writes. i know i am missing a few more. i never write anything down.

  16. I didn't think this video was too long–I watched it to the end! I liked the description of all the games–most of them I haven't played (yet). I thought I was doing great, playing 15 games in July. Then I saw your stats. I have some work to do. Thank you for this video.

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