board games where you can't talk -

board games where you can’t talk

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  1. "You can't confirm that these were the cards you meant with your clue, I might have stumbled on some other correct ones"

    "That's pretty nitpicky, relax, it's just a game, we're supposed to have fun"

    "But –"

    "Yeah, lighten up" "I don't mind as long as we can do it too" "See, everyone's ok with it. Weirdo."

  2. Add in a scene where the handler "looks" at the cards with their nose and you get why I will never play with a random group again.

  3. There's this one co-op board game I played called Magic Maze where there are 4 different player tokens that each need to get out of an area. And each player has a specific card that tells them what way they can move the player pieces. So Billy might be able to move the pieces north, Jason might be able to move the pieces west and also activate stuff, Bob might be able to move them South, and Larry might be able to move them East. Each piece is colored, and they have their own colored tile on the board that they "escape" through. But you can't talk, the only thing you can do is smack a thing up and down to alert the table that you want something done, but you can't motion in any way what you want done, or who you want to do it, just that you want something done. So you need to be watching the board constantly to see if you need to move any of the pieces with your given direction, but also get the other players to move the piece you're trying to move if it's up against a wall or something before the time runs out. It's very hectic, yet completely silent. For the whole 5 minutes or however long the round is, it is pure silence with ever building rage bottling up in everyone that all gets released one way or the other once the pieces have all escaped or the timer runs out. Great game.

  4. It must have been an inspiring Codenames session 😄

  5. In mystetieum we ended up putting the ghost under a sheet as we talked so their facial expressions didn't influence us

  6. Theres a card game called "The Mind" where you cannot talk as well. check it out if you dont know about it already

  7. These past few days watching my portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much, any idea how on how to earn better on the short run?

  8. Its sooooo hard to get my parents to understand this, so we just kind of made cheating part of the game. It's almost more fun this way! Everyone's sounds and faces just end up creating more confusion, so it feels more like a party game

  9. literally have had to explain this to players on several occasions. Drives me bonkers like the point is nobody is allowed to communicate.
    And then the other way where they worry that everything is not allowed; like no dude, funny faces that could mean anything are fun, just stop shaking/nodding your head at people when its their turn!!! Sometimes they think they have the galaxy brain and ask me "is tapping allowed? Like can we tap the table with our fingers???" "Is that you telling people what you have? Yes? Then what the hell do YOU think :/"
    Like, no talking means no talking!!! That's the POINT!!!!!!

  10. And then people tell you you're a rule stickler.

  11. The polar opposite is also infuriating
    "hmm, you laughed at someone making a joke, I guess you're not the spymaster anymore >:( "

  12. played with a couple of people who were extremely competitive about code names, felt like i should have just left the room or turned into a block of wood after i gave the clue :l its really not fun when i cant show any sort of facial expressions because 'cheating'

  13. I've had Deception: Murder in Hong Kong for years but I haven't had a chance to play it cause I know I won't be able to sell my parents on a game where one of the players can't talk

  14. A real interaction with another player in this game:
    >Gives word
    >States that the word is really two words that are phonetically the same
    >Gets called out for giving two words
    >Says "nevermind then" and gives a third word

  15. I have so far not played Codenames with either my mother or grandma, but this video gave me a chilling precognition how it might go if I do.

  16. I was actually playing codenames (online) with some friends yesterday. I put “heart” as my prompt and 3 as the number. I was hoping they’d get patient, date, and chest. After multiple goes I ultimately cheated and told them the answer and they STILL got it wrong.

  17. i feel like sungwon introduced codenames to a group of friends and in 1 night he got 5 skits out of it, let's see how much further this goes

  18. Games like this are fun when you got resting bitch face

  19. loving the code names exposure. very fun and easy game for people to get into

  20. The words are cold and bear! But wait! Bears like to play in the cold! And you know what else can be played? Games! And you need a screen to play computer games. And computers need cooling, it makes so much sense now! I have to go with Screen and Game!

  21. my partner's dad table talks SO MUCH in this game, then all of a sudden was super strict on the rules when I made a mistake

  22. Too real. Now I'm vaguely irritated by proxy.

  23. Everytime I play codenames, the some will give a hint, a Teamplayer will react to it and the team captain goes "can I change my clue?"

  24. The digital version does have its benefits

  25. My group tells the person "shut up/ can't talk , you're dead". Started with among us and carried over to every time someone needs to be quiet.

  26. The proper clue would have been "coldbear 2"

  27. This is me when I'm the ghost in Mysterium. We house ruled it so that the ghost could say three things: "OoooOoooo" "Weh" and "These cards suuuUUUUuuuuck…"

  28. I'm not good at not reacting, so I usually put a pillow in front of my face while my team discusses.

  29. And that's the reason I don't like to play Code Names, I prefer being able to talk.

  30. As a person always struggling to teach board games to people, I've really appreciated this series of videos

  31. these videos should be packaged with the game

  32. Recently I played code name and I'm happy to see proZD talk about it

  33. Admittedly, it's like really hard to not make a facial expression especially since it's so natural and you do it without thinking—these games are very hard for me but fun anyway, even if I know my team likely won't win with me on it.

  34. I struggle not to do this, so I've started acting just screwing with people. Can't do off my reactions if you know I can't be trusted.

  35. someone should make a card game called "You Can't" where any time the other player tries to do something, anything at all, you just tell them "you can't"

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