Board Gaming in Extreme Weather. -

Board Gaming in Extreme Weather.

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Diplomacy Archive:


Company of Heroes
Total War: Warhammer II
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4
Hearts of Iron IV



  1. but vale you are negotiating its called bigger army diplomiecy

  2. I have no idea what was going on most of this but I wanna play it now

  3. I think I found a game better than monopoly to break friendships

  4. what are you using for the online board game?

  5. 27:46 you call less then 500ms 'so much ping' clearly you haven't exsperanced 10 second ping

  6. how do u play this mr valefisk i really wanna play with my friends and cause an all out war in our groupchat full of name calling and hate. please tho

  7. This was a beautiful display of battlefield tactics and underhanded conniving. Diplomacy is great.

  8. Now play 5D Diplomacy with Multiverse Time Travel

  9. I once used Hurricane Irma to force my family to play Diplomacy with me

  10. I appreciate any game that acknowledges the existence of Bohemia

  11. I get the game is "diplomacy" but what is this board game thing called? I've been trying to find it on steam. I mean the one that they're playing diplomacy on, if that makes any sense? I can't find it anywhere haha

  12. Funny anecdote: The longest cofirmed game of diplomacy was a few years long, because the russian player kept refusing to tie

  13. i like the ones with maivi best, the voice difference helps my horrible hearing

  14. Not sure if I was able to keep up with the session but two things I am sure of: First one is pain. Second one is goblins/gremlins.

    MVP to Teddy was it? Seriously, going through it in a Ct5 Hurricane and going for the win.

  15. This has to happen again

    Literally can’t find anything else like it on YouTube

  16. I feel for Pedejoe so much. I'm always the one, who wants to play the best I can, even when everyone just wants to go to sleep, and just fricks me up with irrational decisions

  17. Actually managed to get people interested in playing Diplomacy, can't wait attempting to explain the rules. Ngl I think vale does a terrific job at it

  18. Hey I just wanna say, in the rules sections, there actually 34 supply centers, not 36.

  19. Wow, and I thought there was no way to make hoi4 more autistic

  20. Why the fuck is a malingnant narcissist being.. well, a malingnant narcissist being celebrated as a youtube creator? Why is this shit on my queue?

  21. I can see this game ruining friendships. I love it.

  22. This gives me PTSD from my diplomacy games

  23. You should recreate or play The Campaign for North Africa: The Desert War 1940-43 if some psycho has already remade it. The average game takes 1500 hours, or 62 days, to complete. There is 334 pages of rules and information, and around 3000 pieces. There is no recorded completion of the game to date.

  24. 1:17:11 sounds like a sound effect from an indie horror game whaere you're being chased around a house by a possessed doll

  25. It's the way this video has me in such a chokehold that I've watched it like 2 times TODAY I always come back for the hurricane live feed

  26. hey mr vale funny man. does teddy still have those screenshots of the map? it would be fucking hilarious to post them somewhere.

  27. hurricane diplomacy is Florida elections during hurricane season

  28. Should wait for another hurricane then start playing Axis and allies.

  29. I was looking at what this game would cost and accidentally bought. Whoops

  30. What did you use for the animated map?

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