Board Of It's Top 10 Beautiful Board Game Productions! -

Board Of It’s Top 10 Beautiful Board Game Productions!

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Join us as we discuss the most beautiful board games we’ve seen! In no particular order we’ll cover our 10 favourite board game productions and discuss what the game is and why the production is so great.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Caper: Europe
4:55 – RA (25th Century Pharaoh Edition)
9:15 – Return to Dark Tower
13:58 – My Father’s Work
17:49 – Brass: Birmingham
21:45 – Parks
25:14 – Kanban EV
29:10 – Pax Pamir 2E
33:45 – Everdell
38:20 – Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

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  1. That was a fun list. Everdell is one of my favorite games. I played Caper for the first time last weekend, and the quality of the cards and components was notable. I remember production quality standing out for Pax Pamir, too, when I played it a couple times several years ago.

  2. Yay, Eclipse! Paint your ships. It's the only game I've ever painted. I planned to do it even before I received my game. It's worth it.

  3. So happy that Brass Brum got some love it's beautiful. I just picked up the new Ra and it's gorgeous

  4. Caper is a great game, just played it for the first time a few months ago. Love the theme!
    My Father's Work is a beautifully produced game. The length is kinda long, but love this one's theme too. I just need to talk my game group into sitting down to
    play this one. Definitely an October title for sure! (halloween game, love this genre!)
    I've never played Brass, but I want to some day. Looks pretty cool.
    I love Parks too, such a mellow game!
    Never played Kanban EV (a little heavy for my current taste, but would love to give it a try!).
    Also never played Pax.
    This is the first time I've ever heard of Eclipse. I want to look into it. Trying to scale back my purchases of big complex games right now, so I only get one once in a while. This is the first "epic space game" that has ever actually piqued my interest!
    Love Everdell so much- just picked up New Leaf and Bellfaire, and have Farshore pre-ordered!
    My additions for this list are Endless Winter, Wonderland's War (w/ the nice chips), Windward (collector's box), as well as Oros (collector's box), and Burgandy special edition (w/ acrylic tiles).
    Thank you for a great list and have a relaxing day!

  5. Ian O Toole is an awesome artist with Eagle Griffin. Probably some of the best designs out there just very well done.

  6. No room for the legendary Dwellings of Eldervale?

  7. Will you be reviewing Hegemony soon? Fab production and Contender for my game of year

  8. Have yall seen the upcoming Seekers and Outsiders expansions? Prices are certainly high, but I'm definitely going to put those on my wishlist.

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