Board Of It's Top 10 Board Games Of 2022! -

Board Of It’s Top 10 Board Games Of 2022!

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Join us as we reveal our ten (and maybe more) favourite games of 2022! Both of us go into this not knowing the others list, so it’s a surprise for everyone! Something which wasn’t planned, that’s quite interesting, is that Tallie rated her games based on how much she loved the initial few plays, while Farrell rated them based on how many more times he’d like to play them. Please note that while most of these games came out this year, we are counting the top ten games we played for the first time this year.

0:00 – Intro
2:53 – Honorable Mentions
6:21 – T10
8:20 – F10
11:20 – T9
13:10 – F9
16:05 – T8
20:20 – F8
22:55 – T7
26:40 – F7
28:55 – T6
31:50 – F6
35:20 – T5
36:42 – F5
39:35 – T4
43:50 – F4
45:08 – T3
47:35 – F3
50:15 – T2
53:00 – F2
55:22 – T1
58:15 – F1
01:03:00 – Things That Didn’t Make the List

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  1. Awesome You guy need to make an updated top 10 games of all time.

  2. Great video guys! Nice & relaxing, I like your Christmas tipple 😉

  3. Caper Europe is great!!! Dark tower is a ton of fun!! Good top picks

  4. Great lists! There are a few I have yet to play. Thanks guys!

  5. Hi! How close (or not) was Lands of Galzyr to making it on your lists? Thx for the video!

  6. Hey! Great video. Enjoyed the relaxed vibe. Do you feel like you're drifting away from more classic euro games this year, and more towards more thematic games? Not a criticism, just an observation. Some if my favourites of the year have been Woodcraft, Tiletum, Discordia, Rise which I imagine you'd really like but just maybe aren't as excited about?

  7. Have you played ankh with the pharaoh expansion was a 7-8 without 9-10 with it for me?

  8. R2DT! Yesssssss. Cheers. Still hovering around Ankh because of your review; I haven't yet taken the plunge (would be primarily just the two of us playing it.) 😄

  9. Wow, Return to Dark Tower is proving far more popular with a far wider range of players than I thought it would. Would really like to hear how it holds up over time – may have to take the punt on it!

  10. Have you read Richard Osmand’s ‘Thursday murder club’? As you described Brindlewood Bay RPG it was like you were describing that book. 👍

  11. You haven’t joined the ark nova hype train then? As usual lots of interesting recommendations. I’d be interested in hearing more about the rpg you mentioned at the start, especially as someone who has never played an rpg

  12. Thanks for the vid ! I unfortunately had to pass on Pampero, because i was somewhat low on money. I wish if they stick to their "no-retail" decision that they at least do a second campaign in the future so whoever didn't manage to grab a copy (like me) has a second chance to do so.

  13. Nice list! Thank you. Quite a few we haven’t played. We have Caper:Europe in the shelf, but haven’t gotten to it yet! Keep it up 😀

  14. Thanks for a great list, I definitly have to look at Caper: Europe. I assume it’s better than the original Caper?

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