Board Of It's Top 10 Board Games (Updated 2024) -

Board Of It’s Top 10 Board Games (Updated 2024)

Board Of It
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As it says on the tin! We reveal our favourite board games of all time to each other, live in the video. Are these the best board games of all time? Let us know.

0:00 – Intro
2:44 – 10
6:27 – 9
11:44 – 8
17:57 – 7
22:52 – 6
26:09 – 5
29:40 – 4
33:52 – 3
38:31 – 2
43:25 – 1

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  1. Hey Everyone! As mentioned in the video, this is video is both a celebration of our channel and our wedding which we are away for while this video goes out so we hope you enjoy it! We would really appreciate if you haven't subscribed and are a regular watcher or just enjoyed this to consider subscribing as it would really help us! 75% of viewers aren't subbed, and many of those are returning viewers. For those who are already, big thank you!

  2. Congrats on your legal documents! 🙂

    I do love GWT! My game group has no interest in John Company due to the theme.

    I would be hard-pressed to make a top ten list, but a couple of my favorite board gaming experiences have been Clank Legacy and Mechs vs Minions. A couple non-campaign favorites include The Search for Planet X, Quacks, and Orleans.

    This video needs more doggos 😀

  3. Thinking of playing scythe at 6P this coming week. Have you played at this player count? What are your thoughts ? And advice too haha

  4. Great list. Really enjoy you two. Can’t stay here long, have to go buy John company

  5. Have heard mixed reviews on Root. It looks so pretty and the asemetrical factions sound fun.

  6. Caper Europe is really good thanks shouting that one, otherwise I would not have got to it

  7. Some crossovers:

    1. Marvel Champions
    2. Cloudspire
    3. Voidfall
    4. Slay the Spire
    5. Final Girl
    6. Pax Pamir

  8. Congratulations for the wedding 🎉🎉 i am a suscribed viewer 😊

  9. Congrats on your wedding! Enjoy yourselves

  10. "That's how numbers work." Probably the best line in the video. =)

  11. Great list guys. Some of my top games are Ankh, El Grande, For Glory, Pax Porfiriana, Vindication, and Keyforge.

  12. Thanks for sharing. Great lists!
    Some of my favs – Oathsworn, MC:LCG, Ruins of Arnak, Castles of Burgundy, Dwellings of Eldervale, Agemonia,

  13. Because no-one asked my favorites are
    Rainbow ito
    When I Dream
    Shipwreck arcana
    Fake artist goes to NY

  14. What I learned was the group makes the game fun.

  15. Discovered the channel recently and really liked all your videos! Awesome top 10 as well, gonna give another chance to Res Arcana seeing it so high on the list!

    Also, have you guys tried Dwellings of Eldervale? I'm pretty sure you will love it!

  16. Thank you for the great content. I just got Dune war for Arrakis, but have not played yet. Ordered that one because the consensus seems to be it best. Any thoughts? Also, I want to buy Voidfall, but the weight scares me. Is is as heavy as the rating of 4.6? I own Anachrony, Kanban, Feast for Odin, and Ark Nova. Is it heavier than those games? Thanks again.

  17. Love the list, but could do with higher quality video 😅

  18. Nice work guys I love both of the list. All of these games are right in my wheelhouse. A few more to check out them. So thank you very much hi just a bit of constructive criticism. I reckon you could zoom the camera in a bit I’d like to see more of you guys and less of the plant on the left and down the hall to the right.

  19. If I were to get into Root, mainly as a 2p, how would you recommend I approach the gameplay…with an automa faction? Would you recommend the clockwork expansion if we’re mostly 2p gamers? Thank you!

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