Board Of It's Top 20 Board Games (20-11) -

Board Of It’s Top 20 Board Games (20-11)

Board Of It
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As it says on the tin! We reveal our favourite board games of all time, starting with number 20. We reveal our picks live to each other, then debate whose list is better ;).

0:00 – Intro
02:50 – 20
7:17 – 19
13:00 – 18
18:17 – 17
23:35 – 16
28:23 – 15
32:42 – 14
39:05 – 13
45:51 – 12
52:35 – 11

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  2. I still have Carnegie BNIS 😬 will have to give it a try soon!

  3. Coffee Traders is a great game and it does not get enough love, but I can understand why… it is not an easy game to play and not an easy game to teach and learn. Difficult games are often compared to Lacerda-games and I do think Coffee Traders is a harder game than most Lacerda-games (not On Mars), but where Lacerda-games are always very streamlined, Coffee Traders lacks a bit in that departement.

  4. Hoping for few new additions to the list as my wallet is still recovering from your 2 player series and favourites 😂

  5. Viticulture with the original card set is just too swingy for my taste. Becomes not interesting.

  6. Ra is a great game … and the new printing is good.
    … but… I just feel like Ra would be an excellent pocket game if it was printed in a way where you could have it in a small box. I'd love to be able to take out Ra on a ferry-trip or similar.

  7. Guys how are we doing on the 100 essential novels scratch off?

  8. so onboard with both Pax Pamir & Rustling Leaves, two incredible games

  9. A lot of crossover with my top 10 here, and a lot of games in my blind spots that I'm dying to play. But, very strong difference of opinion on Pax Pamir. Probably my least favorite design in the top 100 on BGG that I've played, ahead of Root.

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