Brewstew - Board Games Prt. 2 -

Brewstew – Board Games Prt. 2

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The sequel that nobody asked for

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  1. What do you think about the newest Jumanji movies 🤔

  2. Operation has nothing on Perfection that game literally is anxiety in a box

  3. taboo is kind of like buss me if you can.

  4. He’s so close to 2 million I hope you can get there

  5. Frasier Level Writing!!
    "They come when you get hurt" "um…masochist?"
    That was just about the dirtiest joke yet😂

  6. I had no idea the operation guys name was cavity sam.

  7. How the shit did I miss this episode??

  8. I’m surprised he didn’t add Parcheesi in the mix of that. That was always my favorite to a point. 😂

  9. Operation scared the shit out of me as a kid lol

  10. I agree the game sucks but the movie is great… Well to me at least

  11. Can we get tyler to grade anything with uno cards?

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