Burn your friends or get burned! 🔥🗼🔥 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames - cutlassboardgame.com

Burn your friends or get burned! 🔥🗼🔥 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames

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  1. I hope no one has a model plane with them

  2. The only think i hate is that this isnt the way fires act at all. Looks fun though

  3. Bro made it sound so serious😭😭😭😭

  4. Thanks to you, I just ordered the game. It looks great

  5. y’know i like the idea of this but the idea of “oh no a forest fire! my friends must die-“ is a lil funny to me

    then again who’s looking for logic in board games-

  6. This has become a mainstay in our house alonside catan! Very easy to pick up and to customize with the expansions

  7. Great concept for a book but not so scary for a game

  8. Seems interesting for a few rounds, then it probably gets repetitive

  9. i am going to eat every single one of the fire pieces

  10. Or you could call the firefighters. Thats an option

  11. bro it's a board game not a saw trap

  12. I haven’t seen a actual good new board game since mind the gap

  13. Finally a cousin to the friend ending board game monopoly.

  14. oooh the plot of wrong turn, just without incest hobbo


  16. Me and my family got this game for Christmas its so much fun to play !!!

  17. It's amazing how board games are still being made and how creative they are.

  18. So canonly speaking, why can't they just leave or call help from the tower why deos it half to be some fortnite situation with air drops and attacks for the last player standing💀

  19. I don't care stop making videos of that

  20. What an incredably diabolic game. I love it

  21. it is on tabletop simulator for those that can't afford the physical version and it's backed by the devs! it's a lot of fun to play

  22. This is the game that the box is larger than my fridge

  23. I really like this if i buy it for my freinds


    -Flowey (Probably)

  25. So is like the 1982 game Survive! that I used to play except that was an island and there were many more things that could kill you such as sink holes sharks whales and sea serpents or the whole island could just explode.

  26. Bro I need a real life card wars from adventure time

  27. I have this game and my family loves to play it we plat it every Wednesday

  28. From a kid friendly game to something that sounds like a horror movie

  29. "Intense" , naahh it's intensity is same as monopoly 😂😂😂😂😂 adult promoting board games, like aren't you ashamed to look in the mirror 😢

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