By Doing THIS, I Found The BEST Board Game Publisher (For Me) - Matthew Answers The Internet -

By Doing THIS, I Found The BEST Board Game Publisher (For Me) – Matthew Answers The Internet

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Matthew Answers The Internet! How I Found The BEST Board Game Publisher (For Me)


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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Which publisher makes the best games?
04:05 – What are the best games for non-gamers during the holidays?
12:30 – What games are you thankful for?

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  1. I am thankful for the amazing variety of games that are coming out that allows us to never be bored. I don't want to be trite, but I am thankful for Watch it Played…. The channel has made it easier for me to make better decisions on the games I will be happy to have; instead of buying blind. And then I will have an easier time learning how to play. The team is the key to my success of not buying "duds," wasting money, and making my wife and I much happier!!!!!

  2. The best racing game was just released this year, Heat: Pedal to the Metal, an absolute gem!

  3. My favorite publisher is one whose design style consistently excites me but also is very warm, transparent, and relatable and that is Stonemaier games. Occasionally they make a game that doesn’t hit for me but I’m always excited to check it out.Favorite non-gamer friendly games to play over holidays are Dixit and Dead Man’s Draw. Maybe there are holiday themed Dixit cards??Thankful for how far games have come, it has so many nooks and crannies for so many different types of gamers! I appreciate the game games that filled that space historically even if they’ve changed or people don’t still like them now… and even though I don’t actively play any of these: games like Monopoly, Magic, Axis and Allies, DND, etc. It is important to me that even when I want to introduce better or newer games that I never make people self conscious for the games they played before.

  4. I seem to have a lot of Ravensburger and Cosmos. They seem to hit a lot of good games. But my top four played games are Stonemaer games, so I am going to say they are my favorite.

  5. A great collection you suggested of family games. Another one that I found helpful but I’ve also given away and need to get again is Set. It can be left out on a table for people to drift in and out of, and it’s good to get people focused on in order to avoid them discussing things that may make you storm out of the gathering. Also, depending on your family, Guillotine.l has appeal to non-gamers who like the macabre.

  6. Great video!!!! I'm definitely thankful for gaming gaining so much popularity and there being such a wide variety of themes, mechanisms, and difficulty levels. Watch it Played has helped us not only learn more games, but really find our niche in the gaming community. For games to introduce to non-gamers, I think Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery and Just Desserts are both very good ones–and who doesn't like to think about dessert? 😀

  7. I'm thankful for positive people in board games like the people on this channel. They always provide a bright spot to any day, sometimes when I really need it.

  8. I don't think a lot of people like this game, but we love Elf Holiday Card Scramble.

  9. Like you, Matthew, I am thankful for all those wonderful people creating all aspects of the board games I love. Specifically, though, The Quest for El Dorado as it is universally loved by all in my gaming group. It's just so much fun.

  10. I am thankful for constantly going to bed at night and realizing how much I really have and feeling grateful.

    I'm also thankful for a few
    Friends who get together and do this little podcast called this game is broken and the fact that I will be able to see their live show this weekend.

  11. Stonemaier. No explanation needed, I hope. Not all are hits of course and their essential edition shenanigans drive me crazy, but I definitely respect their ability to find and finesse the games they do choose to publish and keep putting out high quality games.

  12. Hey Matthew, I will be visiting London for the first time in January. I'll be staying near St. Pancres station. Can you recommend any board game stores I should visit?

  13. My favorite publisher would be AEG. They make some pretty solid games across plenty of genres.

    As far as games I'm thankful for, I would say my top three would be Super Dungeon Explore, Smash Up, and King of Tokyo. Super Dungeon Explore was my first big box game I went all in on, Smash Up has scratched my tcg/lcg itch since its similar to one, and King of Tokyo was one of the biggest stepping stones I took into this hobby.

  14. For racing games, have you played Reality Shift? My husband and I picked it up at Gen Con this year, and it’s super fun and mind bendy.

  15. Welcome to: dry erase expansion has a Christmas themed board. I believe you have to install Christmas lights on the home. Anyway great game and easy for non gamers

  16. Ghosts of Christmas has been a really enjoyable Christmas game for me this year, only played it recently but I was shocked how good it was, it's jumped up to be one of my favourite trick takers (maybe only behind the crew)

  17. Publishers don't make games, they produce them (considering it's not a localization). Game designers make games.

  18. I am thankful for the games that "I could have designed myself". I am not really interested in game design, but there are ideas that I wish to see in games, and some of them I did! Top of mind are: Imperial Settlers (the original), Eminent Domain, and Through the Ages.

  19. Die Hard The Board Game. It's a Christmas game 😉

  20. without trying to sound mushy, I’m thankful for this channel and the creators in the team. Paula and Matthew introduced me to a wider community of gamers and games in general, and the play throughs, top tens, news videos, streams and tutorials have built on that over the last year or so. Then there was AireCon, which I wouldn’t have known about if not for this channel.
    As for games, Photosynthesis and Stone Age brought my partner into the hobby and now I have a forever player two. Which also would not have been possible without this channel. Laura is Way more likely to play a game if there’s a tutorial by the team here!

  21. None gamers means solo

    I’m thankful for Bang as it got our family to understand that interacting is the best part of gaming

  22. I’d have to say my favourite publisher is probably Eagle Gryphon purely because they put out all the games by my favourite designer, Vital Lacerda. They’re top notch productions too. Great components and storage solutions, and the best art design in the business courtesy of Ian O’Toole.

    Bit pricey though 🤑

  23. Im thankful that i have a hobby i can share with my brother! We love board games!

  24. I'm thankful for Arkham Horror 3rd edition. It's the first game I've played that felt so immersive and adventurous. It opened my eyes that board games can deliver compelling stories and invoke emotions just like video games. I think the limitation of board games to present the game only with boards and cards give gaps for our imagination to fill and make same if not better experience than playing video games.

    Now I appreciate how board game designers, artists, and publishers create a theme that translates well into game mechanic (even most modern abstract games have some kind of theme to makes sense the mechanic)

    I just sold the game recently to rotate my collection, so I want to write this comment for Arkham Horror.

    It also introduce me to Lovecraftian horror that made me want to read stories in Cthulhu mythos, btw.

  25. Thank you for including Christmas Lights, Matthew. We also have a new holiday card game for this year called Holly Jolly, designed by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback. – Chad

  26. Nemesis is a great festive holiday board game! Just put a Christmas tree miniature on the bridge location and add some nice background Christmas music and voila, festive!

  27. Oh boy, there's a lot to be thankful for.

    First, I'm thankful for the hobby at large obviously. Board games have provided the framework for me to interact with and get closer to my friends. So, definitely thankful for my friends.

    But if I had to pick a game, I think Horrified actually got me into the hobby AND made me interested in diving deeper.

    It's a little weird. I watched reviews and read interviews by designers well before getting into the hobby because I was interested in the design process (both out of interest and because of some responsibilities I had).

    I had gotten a few more-hobby party games and they were fun. But once the pandemic hit and there wasn't much to do on date night I asked my partner if she'd be down to try some board games. And so I bought a few and the experience of our games of Horrified were so much more than the ruleset. Seeing, from the inside how mechanics connect to experience, not on a one-to-one but within the theme, production, in interaction with the other systems. It made me excited to explore more.

    There are some parts of Horrified that have grown a little old, but overall I don't think I've had a bad experience of it. And the stories it naturally tells by moving these monsters around town and with these stupid townsfolk getting in the way. It's always good fun.

    That game is definitely responsible, in no small part, for the spending frenzy that followed… which I am thankful that I've been in a position to try out all these different types of games and experiences. Although, coming in the new year, I hope to be thankful for a successful cull

  28. No thanks amigo is the best of the reprints

  29. Ready Set Bet worked really well with my non-gamer family. Plus it plays so many people. Just played without the extra cards and bets. It was a hit!

  30. Christmas Tree is a great Christmas-themed game.

    Played a game with the family yesterday after decorating our tree. Was a great time. 🎄 👍

  31. I am thankful for the incredible number of funny, warm-hearted and authentic people like yourself that enrich the hobby. Best wishes to you and the team Matthew.

  32. Racing games to play with the family? Camel Up or Long Shot: The Dice Game. Both are way more fun than those you mentioned. They are pretty much party games they are so fun.

  33. Patchwork: Christmas Edition. I think there is a Patchwork for most of the holidays now. 🙂

  34. Great video! For my holiday gathering this past week, Cat in the Box was the game enjoyed the most by my family.

  35. I completely agree with No Thanks! Definitely my go to with non-board-gamers and it's always a hit!

  36. Thankful for great reviewers, obviously! Also the wonderful people in the board game industry that I get to meet and chat to on a daily basis at work, many of whom have become amazing friends. Thanks Matthew, we appreciate you! Nicky 🙂

  37. My fav publishers: for me Elf Creek and Final Frontier Games have the best quality components and fun game play mixed in with original themes and that are thematic.

  38. This channel is one of the things I'm thankful for in the board game community❣️ As for Christmas board games…There's a Winter theme for Welcome To with holiday lights, & Walking in Burano has Santa, but Christmas Patchwork probably beats all others because it comes with a polyomino cookie cutter!😋 (So…I can make cookies to leave for the Santa in Walking in Burano…..🤷‍♀️😆)

  39. Another great episode of answers, Matthew! I would add to the "games to introduce to non-gamers list": Doodle Dash, Klask, Forbidden Island or something else Cooperative, P for Pizza!

    I'm thankful for all the friends I've made through this hobby and how sitting around the table playing games facilitates quality time spent with those people. I'm also thankful for solo-modes because they've given me a great new way to play more games over the last year or so!

  40. 3:00 Without a shadow of a fleeting doubt, it’s Leder Games. They have just like half a dozen titles under their belt, but they’re all beyond excellent — and more importantly, I have confidence in whatever future games they will one day publish, because they’ve established such a strong identity for publishing games that are, for me, consistently amazing.

    They are like the “pre-Cars 2 Pixar” of the board gaming world. Until they do wrong, they can do no wrong.

  41. I don’t think there is one best publisher however there are a few who, when they announce a new title I will give it more than a glancing look. Among them are Red Raven, ZMan and Cephalofair.

    Ghosts of Christmas for a thematic seasonal because ghosts.

    Thanks for a great year of coverage. Free dinner if you ever make it to PaxEast.

  42. The one card game that has a Christmas theme that I own is 12 days. Basically 12 Days of Christmas trick taking.

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