Bye Bye Board Games! Always Be Culling -

Bye Bye Board Games! Always Be Culling

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Time to Cull some more board games! From Uber popular to the hidden gems of the world, let’s get rid of some more games and trim down the board game collection!

I encourage you to take a look at your collection! You don’t have to cull- there’s nothing wrong with that! But give it some thought. Why do you own what you own. Does it spark joy? I sure hope it does!

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  1. I stopped listening when the cat started messing with you. hilarious.

  2. I like Cthulhu Wars way more than Blood Rage. Inis, Kemet, and Cyclades are better than it too. To me anyway.

  3. How do you go about selling so many games? Do you just gift them or try to sell them online for decent money?

  4. Another great video inspiring me to do more great work to my collection! Also, Internet five to you from me, also apparently not a “serious gamer,” because while I have Ares Expedition, I’ve never owned big TM, Blood Rage, or Scythe! Though I am quite interested to try Scythe sometime, beeeeecause I’ve actually never played it either 😬

  5. I’m not a cat person, but Draco is the absolute best.

  6. Sounds like when a game goes digital you will most likely get rid of the physical copy? I've done that a few times with Root, scythe, and terraforming mars. I feel bad about culling games for that reason, as a lot of people in our hobby think choosing digital form over the board game form is blasphemy. But as a primarily solo gamer I still get to enjoy the game with a lot less work. I know the experience at the table is a better one than online, but I can't beat the convenience and the freed up shelf space.

  7. Another non-serious gamer over here. I have the TM app, but haven't even played the other 2 yet.

  8. Dude, Awesome video…love your sensibilities. Currently culling many games myself as the joy truly is in playing.
    P.S. Some of my fav videos are of you and Doolin and the "hotness". Keep up the great work .

  9. I just culled 8 games this week. Feels good actually.

  10. Man I must not be a board gamer either, as I've never heard of Terraforming Mars, dont have Blood Rage and actually super dislike Scythe, as I find it way too long and tedious. The 1 time I played it I was SO bored and disinterested oof lol

  11. You are impressive, Max! I couldn't do it at all (hoarder here 😉 )

  12. Alroght i haven't gotten to watch it yet but I quickly glanced through what was leaving and around 12:20 I get real sad

  13. You just watched LOTR this year?! That's the peak of modern cinema, man!

    I'm having a hard time culling right now. I'm at a point where either I or my wife like/love pretty much all the games I own and have played. The games I haven't played I want to try before culling, I keep knocking them out expecting to not like some but I end up liking them all! I'm running out of space now lol.

  14. I started a Humblewood campaign and it was really fun.

  15. I’m reporting you to the board game association of people against culling games. Expect a heavy knock at your door.

  16. Nice cull! I was a little sad about Terraforming Mars, but I also get it. If you ever want to get the app on iOS or Steam, I’d happily teach you—it’s one of my favorites! I’ve also owned and culled about 1/3 of the games you mentioned (Arboretum, Telestrations, etc…..). I’ve still got LotR: JiME, but after I play through it solo once or twice, it’ll go. And I still have Scythe because I want to solo the Rise of Fenris campaign, then it’ll go, too. Neither of those are games I could ever see myself suggesting to play multiplayer on any given game night. Unmatched (battle of legends 2) is on my current cull pile—tried if for the first time yesterday with my daughter, and we both agreed there are so many other 2-player games we’d rather play.

  17. I've been eyeing my shelf hard since your last video. I did trade one game for another thanks to bgg (Cascadia for Above and Below), but I haven't pulled the trigger yet in regards to an actual purge. I like donating games to my library as well. It makes me feel like I'm sharing the hobby even if I don't get to actually play the game with anyone else.

  18. Your cat was very desperate for some affection… very persistent.

  19. It helped to go through my spreadsheet of games with specific parameters in mind. For instance, if I could only keep 25 games mark those, or 50 games, etc. The top 25 are basically my "never cull" list, the next 25 probably never, while everything else is on the chopping block if it isn't getting played. This also helped me identify that I was spending too much time playing new games I didn't love while ignoring some in my top 25 of all time!

  20. I have the same feeling that Scythe, Blood Rage, and Terraforming Mars should be in my collection. Ive culled Scythe and its the expansions. It's beautiful but I always felt indifferent after playing it. Blood Rage and Terraforming Mars have made their way into my shopping cart many times but I never clicked the checkout. As much as some people like them I just don't have the desire. Ares Expedition is on my shelf and I keep telling myself I'll learn it in time for the expansion but I doubt it.

  21. I love your videos! Always give me something fun to listen to while I work!

  22. Great video (as always Max), makes me want to be more cut throat with my collection. Thanks for the inspiration to get serious about culling.

  23. Your cat is adorable. I don't mind his cameos at all

  24. I really want dibs on the unspeakable box… but realistically I don't think I could ever justify the price. I love Descent Legends of the Dark, those miniatures really gave me the confidence to keep painting, and I love the table presence with the terrain. Since I painted that I've gone on to paint 200+ more miniatures.

  25. You took my advice on Roll Player Adventures I see haha. Descent has been on my wishlist for a while now. I’m just worried about the setup being too long. It seems like there would be a lot of time invested in manipulating/putting together pieces that could take me out of the experience itself. It’s still one I think would be worth a try though.

  26. NOOOO Monopoly Deal!!

    Also looked up Humblewood cuz I loved Redwall. Looks dope

  27. Monster of the Week and Blades in the Dark are both EXCELLENT games if you want to dive into less "mainstream" RPGs. Honestly, between those 2, Spire: The City Must Fall and its sister-game, Heart: The City Beneath, those are all the RPGs I will probably ever need. 🙂

    If you want any advice, info or impressions of those games, I'm always happy to help!

  28. How are you feeling about these past sizeable culls?

  29. How long do I have to watch all off your animals for you to pay me in the form of the unspeakable box

  30. Max, kudos to you if you can do it, and especially if you're making some money, but I just can't do it myself. Perfectly good reasons, completely logical decisions….. my head is with you, but my heart just can't go there. 😅

  31. Draco Count: Ten times you put him on the floor (including once during a cut).
    He is persistent, I'll give him that. 🙂

  32. God, DAMN, that was satisfying. It's haaaaard when you really get down to the games you love, and you might feel horrible and/or guilty selling something you never even played, but there are SO MANY games out there that you won't miss them. Never stop culling✌

  33. Man Draco is absolutely determined to be in this video

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