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Call of Duty: The Board Game

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Call of Duty: The Board Game
25,000 LIKES and I’ll buy the COD Board Game and post gameplay lol! (乃^o^)乃
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DESCRIPTION: Call of Duty: The Board Game is confirmed to be the newest Call of Duty game for 2023. Get ready for the most innovative COD game in the franchise yet; a stunning SBMM system with tons of microtransactions, skins, bundles, and an anti-cheat that doesn’t actually work and stop your uncle from using the reverse General Shepherd card on you!

So, what do YOU think about Call of Duty The Board Game? Should I post some COD 2023 gameplay ASAP? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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  1. I went back to MW2 today after playing a lot of XDefiant… ugh. The whole other team was camping all rooms from corners, or prone covering lanes with a sniper. I miss the XDef, already.

  2. They did unlock everything earlier in the beta when they were having progression issues and classes were not saving.

  3. Imagine how many people bashing other peoples heads with the board out of rage

  4. I tried to make a homebrew DnD campaign that was just CoD where the players were a PMC under the employ of TF141.

    It fell under when the players tried applying cod logic to DnD. Pro tip! Jumping around a corner makes you the perfect target for a shotgun!

  5. But if Xdefiant made one he'll buy it and not complain ☠

  6. now the good question to this board game is does it hava a battle pass XD

  7. can’t wait for the call of duty the board game x years later video

  8. Lemme ask something, will there be ranked? Supply drops? SBMM? Jetpacks? Nukes? Killstreaks? Hackers? A battle pass? Or maybe Warzone?

  9. Actually, jokes aside, you can already play Call of Duty tabletop. It's called – Warfighter: The Modern Special Forces Card Game (or The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game, if you prefer the WW2 setting). I highly recommend checking out, it's fun and sorta immersive.

  10. Will it be not finished and missing pieces to be released later on ❓❓❓❓❓ 😂

  11. Waiting for the vault edition to it to be announced now

  12. I’m not buying it unless there’s Anime Skins in the store

  13. call of duty doing literally everything EXCEPT fix the game

  14. COD board game, $19.99 for the pieces, $30.00 for the board, must submit card info to pass the winning space.

  15. Well this is the stupidest COD I have ever seen

  16. Super hype for XDefiant tbh. I haven’t touched the beta at all but the game looks like a legitimate good time. I miss fast paced gameplay in a fps lol

  17. I honestly disagree with the bundles on MW2 they're overpriced and just plain bad bundles cold war and mw2019 had the best bundles

  18. The shotguns aren't bad it's the attachments you're using and that auto shotgun it's just bad

  19. People will still find a way to camp in every corner of the board 😂

  20. The board game will come without pieces but will ship during the s1 update

  21. Bro is going to buy it anyways, no need to like when he’ll just post about it anyways.

  22. Do a quad feed with every character in the call of duty board game. 😅

  23. cant wait to see if there is slide canceling

  24. another thing this game did great is that in beta there where almost no hackers in them it was so fun!

  25. How far can someone fall ?
    Well … not lower than Acrivision

  26. cant wait to hit a quad feed on this board game

  27. I don’t think that game will ever kill COD cause it’s a Ubisoft game

  28. I love it when MERK said "It's Duty time." then start to call of duty all over the place.

  29. Now everyone gonna rage at the cod board game and start playing monopoly saying "cod killer"

  30. Hi! Arcane Wonders here. We wanted to come by and make it clear that we are the ones designing, developing and fully creating this board game as an officially licensed product and not Activision. We are excited to be partnering with Activision and for them to have allowed us to play in their world.

  31. Shotguns during the beta were inconsistent due to the old netcode. I've had time where I get one tap by a shotty but mine does barely any damage to a guy that's point blank

  32. I cant wait to get dark matter on my board piece!

  33. Wait.. you said you have.. fun? On mw2? I quit in December and want to come back but I can’t even finish one match before I’m over it..

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