Camilla's Top 100 Games of All Time: 20-11 -

Camilla’s Top 100 Games of All Time: 20-11

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Milla takes a look at her Top 100 Games of All Time, numbers 20-11.

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  1. Great selection of games Milla! Really like all of these in this segment.

  2. From a presentation view, this was your best one Camilla. Well done, and great list.

  3. I own 51st State, Everdell, and Final Girl. But I haven't played them yet. Yeah, I know. Shut up!

  4. One super memorable, thematic moment I had playing everdell was when i had the farmer’s wife throw her husband into the dungeon, and then getting another husband from the meadow…lol

  5. We have a lot of overlap in game taste – rich themes and great experiences! Everdell and Tidal Blades are my two top games and can't wait to see your top 10! I just got Empires of the North and Skate Summer looks interesting!

  6. Great list, I like your analysis of games and resonate with why you play them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'd like to try Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef. My personal favorite of these ten is easily 51st State: Ultimate Edition! I have been a fan of the series since the original 51st State.

  8. Amazing list!

    Spoiler— I’m still dying to play skate summer, I grew up on the Tony hawk skateboarding games and I’m into that hobby too. Plus it’s a great game?? Sounds like it’s right up my alley.

  9. Man, my tastes line up so closely to yours that it appears I have some new games to buy….what a list!

  10. a lot of love for tableau builders in this list.

  11. Everdell is a favorite with my extended family. Happy to hear you speak about Genotype. I was hoping to try that one.

  12. 51 state and Lost Ruins of Arnak are really great ! I like a lot Cascadia and Everdell as well. Still really need to play earth.

  13. Your top 100 series shows me that you are the member of Dice Tower that I line up with the most! So because of that I have to give several of these a try! So glad you are part of the DT!

  14. Wow #13 for Skate Summer! Thank you for playing and showing the game to others. Glad you enjoy it! 🙂

  15. Wow, this one is so close to mine. I'm shocked a bit. Great list.

  16. Great list!! I own most (80%) of these and enjoy them a lot.

  17. 2 of the games (Arnak and 51st State) are im my Top10.

    Your top100 list in total might have the most matches with my list.

    Just one remark:
    When you really like Imperial Settlers and love 51st State because of their multi-use-cards mechanisms, then you can be quite disappointed by Empires of the North.
    Yes, they have added some good stuff, but why on earth have they 90% removed the multi-use of cards.
    Decisions is what make games great.

  18. Milla and Zee have brought me the most joyful games to my collection. Thank you both.

  19. Another great list! Can't wait for the top 10! 🙂

  20. Cascadia, great summary of its advantages. Surprisingly good, calming game.

  21. The various top 100's this year have shown me just how the variety in the hobby has exploded, and how diverse top 100's can be. I haven't played a single one of this batch of 10, and it's been like that for a lot of the blocks of 10. Some of these are very popular games. But I think the hobby is quite cult of the new. If you snooze for a few years, like me, the landscape has changed dramatically! I suppose the hobby needs to keep knocking out great new games, but I wish in a way it was a bit more static. You can start to feel left out in the top 100s and top 10s, unless you have kept up with the latest releases. All of my top 10 are older than nine of the ten games in this block!

    2016: 51st State: Master Set

    2018: Everdell

    2019: Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

    2020: Lost Ruins of Arnak, Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef

    2021: Cascadia, Final Girl, Genotype

    2022: Skate Summer

    2023: Earth

  22. always fun to watch Camilla's lively videos 😄 nature and educational games are great 😊

  23. I knew it! Final Girl on the list: make new friends and keep the old 🎉 rent new games and buy the old 🥳

  24. yup! Calico is brilliant but claustrophobic. Cascadia is relaxing 😌 and open. My bedtime 😴game is Grove 🌳🍊🍋🍐

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