Card Game, But Cards Are Randomly Generated -

Card Game, But Cards Are Randomly Generated

Magic The Noah
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  1. Abilities that are usually good is like "When this monster is in play, it boosts all allied monster's attack by 1 except others of the same type." Another is "When fighting an opposing monster with higher attack than itself, it boosts it's attack power by 2." "Also "when this card is defending, increases power by 5, when attacking, decreases power by 5" and "enemy cards cannot pass the space this card is on.

  2. Fire-Breathing Skull Wearing WW1 German Helmet says:

    Ngl, this game looks hella fun

  3. This wheel was way more brutal than the one in the RPG

  4. Hey, how do you make the illustrations for the enemies and items of your games? I'm currently making a modified version of your RPG to play with my friends.
    Some things I'd like to know:
    -What art program do you use?
    -What brush size do you use for outlines?
    -What image size do you normally use?

  5. Noah, answer me honestly. It seems like you get 3 different people each game to play your game. How do you have so many friends?

  6. You definitely got three people great at "creating" cards with custom powers

  7. Imagine a cardmarket video featuring magic the noah vs andrea mengucci, crazy stuff

  8. I love how this game isn’t actually a card game in any way

  9. this is a fun card game! hope this could get a completely digital support so that the game can be played more smoothly.

  10. unexpected but nice collab with cardmarket!

  11. Like how jamin conveniently convinces him to swear five times

  12. the fact that this is made on google slides kills me xD

  13. My guy doesn't know that when you use the cut tool it automatically copies it to your clipboard

  14. I can't believe this game was made in Google Slides.

  15. This is like a cultured, peaceful version of Valefisk's board game videos.

  16. this is possible tho
    you make a deck with conditions and a deck with effects
    draw a card from both decks and roll a dice for power to create a creature
    make a bigger board with different spaces
    pre-print some monster creature cards with color codes for players
    and battle stuff out by rolling dice that correspond to the level of your monster (using a rpg set)
    i'm going to make this

  17. I can't believ I just watched 31 minutes of four dudes playing a made up game… It was good tho.

  18. This game. I need to play this amazingly good looking, unfathomably fun game

  19. the random number generator animation is too long

  20. Windows tip for you, rather than use the snipping tool if you're just going to copy/paste instead hit Win + Shift + S, that'll let you select a portion of the screen in the same way but automatically add it to your clipboard 🙂

  21. I love how the slime survived the entire video


  23. "I have to pick two power"
    Actually gets a two-

  24. I like how almost halfway through the video, the first 5 power card is created, then immediately defeated 5 seconds later by a two power bat.

  25. the swearing thing kinda ruined it cuz jamin used it to set all of carls cards to 0

    really cool

  26. Bro in the last video it says click this video with your nose and I actually did it lol


  28. "But all the cards are randomly generated"
    Clearly, literally everything is randomly decided. That is infinitely more chaotic

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