Carnegie Board Game Review -

Carnegie Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the worker placement board game Carnegie


  1. Dick fetish followed by pain the arse, how cleverly worded. The color scheme is meant to make you sick. They want you to feel depressed because you’re just a meat bag laborer to feed the industrial machine.

  2. Would it make a difference re the “nothing to do” moan if you spent some time considering what action your opponents will make 🤔👍👍

  3. This guy is like the bizarro version of rhado. So refreshing. Doesn’t say every game is phenomenal while his voice rises to ‘balls in a vice’ levels , doesn’t literally trip over his words that vomit out at 150 km, and best of all, doesn’t wear ‘team vax’ or ‘BLM’ t shirts, literally wearing his perfect idiocy on his sleeve. Keep it up. I’ll minus a point for asking people to sub. If people like you, they will sub. How do you think I got to 132,000? HINT: It wasn’t by asking people to sub. Provide content then STFU.

  4. Carnegie simply gets better each time you play.

  5. Thanks for making these reviews. Not a colour scheme or game for us.

  6. Thanks for the review! This game has been in my watchlist for a while.

  7. I'm going to be honest, I feel like a lot of the colour schemes and graphic design in recent board games looks like a "bucket of sick" (love that little gem of a description). What ever happened to just clean/clear graphic design and colour choices. Barcelona for example (bring on the flames), Christ, it's just so busy it makes me want to puke. I feel like a lot of mediocre, half-baked games, take the path of "dazzle them with bullshit!" to hide that fact that the game is shit. Love the channel. It's refreshing to watch a review that's not just fanboy youtuber drivel pushing the latest hotness for likes.

  8. Nice. While I respect Ian O'Toole as an artist (colorschemes, clarity and readability), his artwork is very sterile and he's outright copying himself. At first I thought that he was consistent, but it started to get really boring, every Lacerda game looks the same. Mihajlo has the same issue. It's nice people, but we would like to see something else now, every game on the market now looks the same.

  9. I am still trying to get a copy of this game!

  10. A bunch of the newer games I have bought recently have been table hogs

  11. Hello Mister Bollocks, question: How come you don't do the chapter breaks in your videos anymore? I always found them quite useful.

  12. I feel like talking with some kind of XVII British privateer when I watch this channel 😂

  13. If the sliders look like big ugly dicks I can understand that they’d be a pain in the arse.
    One for the dedicated EAPs, unlikely to sully my table.

  14. I’m not sure about all this pulling your workers off business 😂

  15. All right then, which one of these worker placement spots lets me **** off back to Scotland for the rest of the round, while my replacement opens fire on my employees?

  16. I've discovered that there is a reason. The pieces are colour-blind friendly. I'm designing a board game, and when I researched it, going for strong blue, green, red colours is not good for colour-blind people, which is only about 5% of the population..

  17. Thank you for pronouncing Carnegie correctly and noting how bland the art is. This and Votes for Women… how did these get made? Dull subjects and presentation.

  18. The board is fragile as to how quickly you 'damage' it. I also see quite a number of markings on your copy.

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