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Cat In The Box – Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the card game Cat In The Box by published Bezier Games.


  1. The lack of card counting is its best aspect. The minimal bidding and weird bonus scoring bring it down for me.

  2. Would compare this with Nokosu Dice, as a Trumps trick-taking game with extra twists. Trouble is it’s very rare & costs a fortune on eBay etc. Fortunately, its components are pretty simple, so I use Battle Line cards (5 suits, with no. 10 card counting as zero) & 25 dice from other games. Anyway, you might prefer it to the above game.

  3. Honestly, I watch your reviews and I take them so much more seriously than anyone else here on Youtube. Great reviews with actual solid content and unbiased opinions.

  4. Cat in the Box is, hands down, the best trick taking game I have ever played. Every time I teach this game to a group, at least one of them immediately buys it. The most compelling feature of the game is that it eliminates the need for card counting, which is a critical skill in most any other trick taking game. With CitB, you can always see what cards have been "observed" and thus know what your options are.

    It sounds like your conservative betting group needed to get "stitched up" a bit by someone that can make good bets, because the reward for landing your bets is huge. And, with some experience, you can better understand the strategy that helps one to force their bet become successful.

    I agree, though, that the rules are shit. The insert is shit, too. You have to just dump the components out of their otherwise tedious placeholders. The game also comes with some multicolor cards (you showed B roll of them) that are literally not mentioned in the rules and have no purpose in the game. All worth it, though.

  5. Neither cats or boxes were harmed during this review

  6. As per normal a highly entertaining review! Yeh, kinda agree regarding the seeming impossibility of predicting how many tricks you are going to take, which for me takes away from the game. If there is a strategy, it escapes me so far… YET the game is gorgeous and it keeps me wanting to think that there is something strategic to this game. So right, for now, it's a 'maybe'…

  7. Hey, a new game… the rumours of your demise are blown, for the moment.
    I like trick takers and this one seems to have some interesting quirks. I don’t know if it will have staying power but I will give it a shot.

  8. Great review. I like your final statement, nice try at making a joke based on the game theme. I keep seeing this one mentioned, and now I can safely say it'll get a pass from me unless someone else brings it to the table. Cheers.

  9. I f-ing love your reviews! Straight to the point! Just great!

  10. Glad it's not just me! Enjoyed the game, but especially for one that's based on a mechanic like trick taking that's been around for SO LONG, there's no reason for the rules to be that garbage.

  11. It's a fun game but after 3 or 4 games you realize you'd have been better off playing Euchre. I think once you get past the board gamey gimmicks you realize you're not really doing something all that different than in just about any other trick taker.

    Random observations:
    – Card stock was a bit crap for the price
    – The other components were pretty nice. The boards hold the tokens nicely.
    – If you play with card players the trick predictions are usually pretty good.
    – It's fine. I'm glad to have played but I'm glad I'm not the one to have bought it.

  12. I am a big fan of trick taking games and been looking at this one for a while.
    Really enjoyed the honest review and I will give this a go at some point but good to know the negatives you raised, cheers

  13. Well, shoot. I just got it as a gift for Father's day, yesterday. I hope I like it more than you did. 😂

  14. I think the rule book sucks but I love the game.

    I like the area control aspect. Playing my cards to get a ton of adjacencies.

    You can be super smart since you discard a card at the beginning you know you can’t paradox with that number if played right. Also knowing you will have a card in hand at the end, it allows a ton of strategy. While some people focus on winning tricks, and I get 6 adjacent tokens and just win one truck at the end and I get 7 points! It’s huge compared to the guy who won 4 tricks and gets no adjacency points.

    Overall I love this game and the area control involved!

  15. Don't see how this is any better than Wizard. And i already have that. Going off to buy a carooka board from the carooka guy thanks to you now. You bastard.

  16. Finding a good "new" trick taking game is hard. So many solid games of this type are already around.
    I really like Sticheln, not sure how old it is (it's German), but for me it was a fresh take on the trick-taking genre with its anti-trump-suit twist.
    And 99 was a neat card game, using ordinary cards, 3 player, that was fun to learn.

  17. This take is spot on! We have been enjoying this clever trick taker, well paced and sneaky amount of strategy. Rulebook does deserve a spot in the bin as you observed. One tiny note, written like a pre-teen girl in her diary informed us one game too late that when you play at four you only play 8 tricks. Complaints aside, great game and great review!

  18. These types of games like Exploding Kittens and Unstable unicorns and others, kids and teens really like, sometimes as adults or board gamers we forget that sometimes and some people like these types of games. A great example is "the mind." I can't stand that game, but when I bring it to school, kids LOVE it.

  19. Diamonds is a trick taking game we like

  20. I had a trick taking game about Rome and Gladiators and they did the same thing with rule book, found a way to take simple trick taking into a complicated rule book which made little sense.

  21. ‘a tsetse fly’s penis’, ‘Pavlov’s dogshit’ haha – never change, mate!

  22. "The game is both good and bad until you play it."

  23. Love your reviews! You’re hilarious! Keep them coming🙌🏻

  24. Have to say I fully agree, the game is a decent enough 7 but it's more just pretty and well produced. After 10 games or so it's just rinse and repeat unlike say The Bottle Imp which gives me more interesting situations to play.

  25. Ha, ha I appreciated your analogy at the end about being a good and bad game until you take it out of the box, very clever. Thank you for your review. Pavlov's dog shit….you crack me up!

  26. I've only played the game a few times, but I really enjoyed it. Trick taking with no suits until someone locks one down is a cleaver twist. Getting screwed because your numbers are no longer playable – brilliant. It's as good as any trick taking game I've played. Wizard and The Crew are my favourites, but this carves out it's own unique niche. I'd buy it if I could find it in stock.

  27. Thanks for the review, needed the pick me up. Your humor reminds me of home.

  28. ooOOooo Sainsburies aye? Ever since you got to 15k subs, Morrisons not good enuf for ya guv?

  29. Wow, when did Jason Statham become a board game reviewer? He's either A. super passionate about board games, or B. on some hard times right now. (jk mate, I'm sure you get the Statham comp all the time)

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