Champions of Midgard Board Game Review - Still Worth It? -

Champions of Midgard Board Game Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at the viking themed worker placement game Champions of Midgard.


  1. Champions of Midgard vs. Lords of WaterdeepI noticed in your "top 100 of 2023" you ranked Champions of Midgard # 14 and Lords of Waterdeep # 31, but here you say CoM isn't better than LoW.I'am curious why they switched places.Has the expansions for CoM made the difference or has the game just grown on you in the time between those videos?

  2. Very worth it. In my unbiased Viking opinion. Excellent worker placement. Battle is best.✊

  3. Even better when using Blood Rage minis with it.

  4. I love Champions of Midgard. It's especially good with both expansions. After playing the newest expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak, the 2-player co-op campaign one, I find myself wishing GreyFox games would return to Champions and create something similar.

  5. Nice review. How do you think it compares to Raiders of the North Sea?

  6. As a huge fan of Cyclades are you going to get the new version ? Im tempted but don't want to KS, I'm assuming it'll cone to retail…hope so anyway.

  7. Thanks! Champions is one of my favorites.

  8. love this game, with all the expansions and extra cards its rly rly nice

  9. The Valhalla expansion makes the game significantly better by offsetting the luck of the dice with rewards for losing warriors in battle.

  10. Watching this even though I know I like this game, and own everything for it. You're content is very entertaining.

  11. Good video, as always. I'm willing to give CoM a pass with regards to the theme as it's not really about raiding and pillaging, but rather about defending your hometown – so you could say, not your typical Viking fare.

  12. love your camera shots of the game. always make any game look cooler than they really are.

  13. Tastefully reviewed as always. Yes it's a good game, but it still gets trumped by Lords of Waterdeep. The Valhalla expansion adds enough to the game to make it almost essential. Thanks for your time and expertise, game on!

  14. After playing with Valhalla I’ll never play any other way! Makes the game much more strategic and dying on purpose for certain rewards! I’ll never play without it! Plus having the leader die and another power, etc. definitely wanna know what you think when you try that.

  15. Well the bits and bobs look quite nice if a bit busy. Beyond that I have no interest in a worker placement game with minimal player interaction, crowdfunded expansions and a guaranteed tight finish on victory points. The EAPs love it, good luck to them.

  16. Yeah Champions of Midgard is still great. As everyone says this game is best with the Valhalla expansion. This one also works well for getting your friends sucked in to board gaming .

  17. I actually choose Gylfir if I can, I like not having to pay for those ship actions, means I can save that gold for the additional worker etc.

  18. Sold it. We play mostly two-player and the game feels very repetitive with two, the expansion does not change that.

  19. The viking theme overused and boring? I'm mortally offended but can't really argue against it.

  20. I still do not understand why many of the same people who try to cancel some historical themed games or demand that they be replaced with cartoon animals, have a double standard when it comes to Viking games. Personally, I love Viking games and many other historical themed games. However there is a double standard in board game social media with themes like Vikings or say Qin Shi Huangdi in China where those games are acceptable but others are not.

  21. Just to throw another spanner in the works, have you played Reavers of Midgard? It is a euro approach to the Midgard viking games. Might be more satisfying if you are looking for a deeper more mechanical experience.

  22. As someone who has Cyclades as his top 1 game, can you give us your opinion on the new Cyclades legendary edition kickstarter?

  23. Constantly being berated in the game rules bit is surprisingly therapeutic for me..

  24. To me, there is no real difference between fantasy and mythology….except for fantasy is completely artificial while mythology are things people believed in up to thousands of years ago.
    (…while basic fantasy almost uses all kind of mythological stuff….well why reinvent the wheel 😉 )

    I mean, rename vikings and valhalla and you have a fantasy instead of a viking theme, WHILE in this game it's not about vikings in history (like feast for Odin) but an otherworldly setting.

    Take the movie "the 13th warrior". That is hardly any historical viking stuff but a mythological almost fantasy setting….except for only by mid of the movie you realize that there is no fantasy/mythology elements at all but those "creatures" are just a kind of cult.

    You can find all kind of elements especialy from greek and viking mythology in all kind of fantasy settings.

    No matter if the game takes place in a different world or in an alternative earth setting….it's still no historical setting.

    Just my two cents why to me Lords of Waterdeep and Champions of Midgard dont have very different themes/settings.
    As German I also wonder why the old tribes of Germans all almost always presented as barbarians….still that doenst make me dislike those movies/games…. 😉

  25. Play with the expansions, especially Valhalla. It makes the game infinitely better. Please do another video after playing with the expansions. It would be a shame for anyone curious about this game being persuaded not to play it based on a video that hasn't experienced how great this game is with the expansions. Expansion, expansions, how many times can I type expansions!

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