ChatGPT makes a Board Game. -

ChatGPT makes a Board Game.

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Even my job is under threat by AI. It’s so over.


Steam Workshop:

Company of Heroes
Total War: Warhammer II
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4
Hearts of Iron IV



  1. a shame Vale died right before the end.

  2. That music in the outro slaps! What’s it called?

  3. You should do a Kaiserreich game but everyone is a Chinese warlord trying to reunite China with Candy as Japan.

  4. every time i see you pop up in my feed, i can’t help but wonder: oh boy, what has he got up to this time?

  5. Druid: gets to the end First things first, where's your shitter? I've got a turtle head poking out. I'm not kidding I got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey.

  6. My stomach hurts from laughing too much this is amazing

  7. vale sounds like the hollow knight youtuber fireb0rn

  8. I dont think ive ever laughed harder. I think Valfisk's videos have in total made me laugh more than anything else.

  9. This game desperately needs more rules surrounding flatulence.

  10. Please tell me that teaser was The Campaign for North Africa

  11. I'm excited to see the bootleg version of this game in my local game store in the coming months

  12. In a bag of infinite kale chips, it's guaranteed that there is one kale chip in the shape of a fort.

  13. even though some characters are faster it might actually be a downside since there are so many negative cards meaning they'll get more cards sure but also get a lot of bad ones

  14. The ring of truth seems to be the best item in the game, in my opinion. The ring was used with the target of the ring being the player, not the character, as shown with asking about meta knowledge like win conditions. If the player with the ring said that they win a battle, and they can only say the truth, then the truth is that the player wins the battle, and thus the character does as well.

  15. Vale: "I made something in tabletop simulator" the entire discord NO NO NO NO NO

  16. System Sock soundtrack level 5 if I'm right, at the end there. Very fitting choice.

  17. Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that Vale pulled up a "fart calculator" on screen at 55:55?

  18. If you're looking for video suggestions, I think it would be really funny to go back to the original "ai generated", which is to say… Crowd sourcing.
    You could take a bunch of ideas from viewers and make a game from them.

  19. 53:30 that is about 8000 Decibels, for reference a jet engine is 140 Decibels.

  20. We need a video of a crew of willing victims to play the campaign for North Africa at some point

  21. I would argue that an invisible Rouge with a speed of 5 would be unkillable and always win …He is untargetable and has immense strength so the strength or number of the opponent doesn't even help them.

  22. Isn't "My pants are full of shit and I've got a newfound ideology" just Disco Elysium in a nutshell?

  23. Isn't "My pants are full of shit and I've got a newfound ideology" just Disco Elysium in a nutshell?

  24. So when we get stuffed into the Matrix and have to put up with torture disguised as board games, we'll know who to blame, Vale.

  25. Its Before Can (B.C.) and After Durand (A.D.). Look up Peter Durand.

  26. Vale had his objective completed so long but he forgot it, the sausage of strength. What an amazing video was this, ill be waiting for the next one.

  27. How can i participate in one of these amazing games of torture?

  28. really hoping that the "big project" is that TT war game where one campaign on average lasts 1½ years and the Italian troops desert if they don't get enough pasta

  29. This is actually an interesting game. I like the social aspects. If it could be rebalanced with better speed and more regular item cycling it could be very interesting for a game for larger groups.

  30. Chat GPT casually coming up with one of the simplest and simultaneously funniest fighting systems I've seen 😂😂😂

  31. I have no hands but I have to roll the dice.

  32. Im amazed how close to actual playable game this turned out to be

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