Cheese Making, Planet Escaping, Little Tiny Hats & MORE Board Game News! -

Cheese Making, Planet Escaping, Little Tiny Hats & MORE Board Game News!

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The latest official card, board, and tabletop game news for April 2023.

The “Gwen” Gaming, Dining, & Hobby Table, from Geeknson

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Cascadia: Landmarks
01:21 Gwen Gaming Table Kickstarter (sponsor)
02:28 Freelancers
03:42 Altay, Dawn of Civilization
05:06 French Quarter
06:10 Fromage
07:17 Special Report: Best Dice EVER?!
09:23 Witchcraft!
10:35 Barcelona
11:15 The Glade
12:06 The Golden Geek Awards
12:12 Matthew has no shame. No shame at all.
12:37 Evacuation


  1. I saw a playthrough of The Glade and it looks amazing, like Set reimagined as a board game. I can’t wait.

  2. You had me at cheese-making worker placement.

  3. Already voted for This Game is Broken, maybe this will be your year Mathew 🙂

  4. It doesn’t matter where you film them, your videos are always great! Thank you.

  5. Well, it looks like those roastbeef dice are sold out

  6. Watch it played is owned by big roast beef! :-p

  7. Freelancers might have been better compared to Forgotten Waters? Sounds like the same principal with voice acting, funny profiles and outcomes, etc. Glad I watched the end of that segment cause I was gonna skip thinking it's another type of game lol

  8. Paula eats meeples, Chaz dice… what do they others eat for breakfast?

  9. Love the new! Looking forward to Witchcraft!

  10. I’m more than mildly beguiled by, Witchcraft! 😁

  11. French Quarter game not complete without extreme heat, grifters asking where you got your shoes, the homeless and stumbling into a bad neighborhood on accident.

  12. Weird question, but did you used to live in Stourbridge?

  13. Hey, since Matthew Jude featured my pics of French Quarter on the show, we're basically best buds now!

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