Circle DC Historical Games Convention Vlog -

Circle DC Historical Games Convention Vlog

The Dice Tower
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Chris and Wendy Yi travel to Washington DC to attend Circle DC, a small historical games convention hosted by Fort Circle Games.

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  1. Love the added game pictures so we have a better idea of what's being shown 😊

  2. I learn all my American history from Chris and Wendy Yi

  3. Awesome. Never expect to see Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke on Dice Tower videos :).

  4. Ah yes the Dune Part II Sandworm Popcorn bucket. A national treasure of historical cultural importance.

  5. Chris always does a great job finding and shouting out other content creators in these videos :).

  6. Wait…wait… Fort Circle has a con? Chris & Wendy were in my city? WHAT?! I MISSED OUT!

  7. Ain't no vlog like a Yi vlog. Hilarious as always, nothing like perfectly accurate site seeing!

  8. ah, what a fun trip, thanks for the peek… and great to see some other channels I follow make cameos 🙂 (I saw Nato from Legendary Tactics a couple of times as well)

  9. It took me about 6 minutes to realise that this is not a convention for very old games. Then it took me another 6 minutes to realise it's not an old convention for games either. It's a convention for games with a historical theme. 🤦

  10. Really.great to see a bit of DT spotlight on some historical games. Games like Votes for Women opening up historical games to a more mainstream crowd.

  11. .. started making trouble in my neighborhood! I got in one lil fight and my mom she got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bell air!

  12. Cool! I would love to get a copy of Votes for Women. @rolling Reggie covered it on his channel and I’ve been looking for it ever since, to no avail. Thanks for the fun video, Chris and Wendy!

  13. I laughed a little too hard at the subway across from the metro joke..😂

  14. Seems like I am bad for people's wallets even when no board games are involved. Welcome to popcorn bucket club!

  15. Thanks for shouting out Bosses of the Senate! It was great meeting you and Wendy. Hope you come back to DC soon.

  16. I really hope Chris and Wendy Played Pax Pamir while they were there. SUCH a good game. Not for everyone, but I think it is one everyone should try at least once. It's just such an interesting and dynamic game.

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