Coincidence? Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month | momenTEN -

Coincidence? Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month | momenTEN

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

*Fortune and Glory*

Feel like Indiana Jones on the hunt for ancient artifacts around the world!


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Sea Salt & Paper custom solo variant:

SPECTRE: Fan made expansion with more villains:

The various versions of Quest For El Dorado:

A Feast For Odin unofficial, custom expansion:

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  1. Still waiting on Super Dungeon Explore Legends….for almost TEN years.

  2. Yup . Ive been waiting for Freedom Five also… But i feel its gonna be a great game.

  3. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we thank you Chaz for including all those links and fan made expansions! Leave it to the fans to make something great for their beloved game.

  4. i think agemonia might be the longest wait i had, it was either that or Namiji which i honestly didn't think would deliver at the en of the day

  5. Chaz, the new edition of El Dorado with Dutrait's art has 3 expansions also with his art: "Dragons, Treasures & Mysteries", "Dangers & Muisca" and "Heroes & Hexes".

  6. Probably the biggest reason for A Feast for Odin being hot right now is there was a bunch of new copies with the mini expansions released into the wild.

  7. Always enjoy a new episode of The Climbers 😉 How many takes did you have to do before you caught the extra salt expansion pack?

  8. We waited 2.5 years for Etherfields. We like it. 4 out of 5

  9. I got a shipping notice for Freedom Five… Art book. So close, yet, so far. 🙂

  10. The Danes is not really an expansion is a new standalone improved version in a Dune Uprising kinda way. It's been discussed plenty on BGG, designer even listed all new content, crossover is just going to be having different colors to choose from, more players and extra components. As well as "The Swedes" which is going to be an expansion for The Danes similar to the Norwegians for AFFO and according to same designer probably not compatible with the old versions.

  11. I’m also waiting for Freedom Five! It’s my longest wait. The other longest just got delivered, Bardwood Grove. Freedom Five’s campaign ended a year before that

  12. I love The Quest for El Dorado, have the first edition, but Ravensburg hasn't brought all the second edition content to North America, and it's fractureness makes things a mess.
    Maybe we'll get a definitely deluxified version from Awaken Realms next. 😉

  13. Did Dollarama push Spectre up the list….They where sold there for 5 bucks…I have 7 copies lol

  14. Great video! Love the list of games. I really want to play War of the Rings…it's becoming a grail game.

  15. Still waiting on Iron Forest. It’s been years.

  16. I waited for the board game Kids on Bikes: Snallygaster Situation for 2 and a half years, maybe 3 years. It's a cool game, but not worth the wait for preorder.

  17. Still waiting for Unbroken, which was backed in 2018

  18. Not a boardgame, but I backed the TTRPG Far West in 2011 and it is now just fulfilling physical copies of the book.

  19. The El Dorado information is not strictly correct; all of the Dutrait art versions are compatible although the Ravensburger and Lauterpelit card sizes differ by 3/4mm…they are still playable with each other. The artist himself addressed the issue in a recent BGG thread.

  20. I'm waiting for Monumental from its 2020 campaign. It's delivery is 3 years and counting late. After half a dozen or more of lies and excuses (that are also lies), as well as watching them use the funds to make retail editions of things that were supposed to be KS exclusive (something I would normally support) and selling those for over six months now, even at a discount on their own site (something that eliminates what I would normally support) I don't think this game could possibly be of a quality amazing enough to make me enjoy it. I used to love FraudForge and now the very look of their logo frustrates me. We had one contact with the company (and barely at that) and she recently jumped ship so at this point, it's starting to feel like this may be vaporware. Just one honest post, completely with genuine contrition, would have gone a very long way.

  21. Ah I miss Rodney and Chaz arguing about the name of this segment. It seems like Momenten was just recently hotly contested. I guess Rodney just gave in to Chaz

  22. For me It is Polish version of ISS Vanguard i ordered in 2020 as a all-in in one wave and it maybe will be sent later this year… Or at least i hope so…

  23. My longest wait, which I am still waiting for, but is supposed to be coming this year, is Dawn of Madness from Dimension Games.
    It funded in December 2019.

  24. Back in 2016 I backed the making of Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby movie. While I did get a t-shirt, no movie has been made. I’m not sure it will ever happen.

  25. "Gentle viewer" is the nicest thing I've been called today, and "speaking on my behalf" is certainly a time saver. Thanks, Randy's friend!

  26. Just got Colab that I backed in 2022. Didn’t have to wait nearly as long as most of the commenters here. The game was just ok for me. I’m not sure it will stay on my shelf.

  27. The longest I've waited for a game to fulfill is 5 years and counting. Unless it comes with $10 million cash in it, it won't be worth it.

  28. My family just started playing El Dorado this month and we love it! Great replayability. (And yes, we picked it up because of SUSD 😂)

  29. Burning question:
    I think, i ve been waiting for "darkest dungeon" from mythic games for over 4 years. However, they raised their price several times after the campaign which led me to cancel this project.

  30. Love your review and list, looking forward to trying some of them!

  31. Wow I'm trendy. On table this week: Agemonia, War of the Ring and Quest for el Dorado.

  32. I back Dawn of Madness in December 2019, it's just now shipping

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