Come Play Abalone With Us, A New Favorite Two Player Game Of Ours! #boardgames #couple -

Come Play Abalone With Us, A New Favorite Two Player Game Of Ours! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Checker but balls also you have to have 1 extra then the one your pushing

  2. В начале 90-х у меня были такие шашки, но там правила были немного другие.

  3. Why did wifey not push the triple chain at the bottom near the start?

  4. She could’ve avoided a good number of moves, so imma just believe that she wanted to make dinner lmao

  5. I’ve been watching your content for a while, and I love your guys energy! I had a couple notes, as some random commenter amongst hundreds, could you include the actual games you’re playing somewhere in the description or comments.

  6. Bro, i used to play this game all thr time!!!

  7. what's that game. please tell me. im gonna buy one.

  8. So thats how it goes! That game came in at the thrift shop like every month

  9. I wonder why they don’t show the part that the loser makes the dinner

  10. It sounds like soldiers' march 😅😅😊❤❤😂

  11. We had this game in our school you unlocked so many memories rn🎉😢😂😮

  12. This is not how this game should be played, what about some tactics? Cmon 😁

  13. I bet they're house most likely slim jim's cat feces or dog shit

  14. New? I've two at home,, they're from 1990…boring game

  15. I am convinced she just doesnt want him cooking dinner at this point… I have never seen her win.

  16. Lets see if I can understand the rules of the game, just by seeing the video. You can role as many balls as you want of your own color, as long as youre not blocked by as many or more balls if your opponent, and the goal is to push 6 balls of your opponent from the table?

  17. Just curious how y'all keep up with all the rules to all these different games lol

  18. Abalone <3 <3 <3
    I know and play the game since I was a little child.

  19. She’s not that great at playing games. She’s too focused on what you are doing instead of her game plan

  20. Игровое поле выглядит один в один как станок для промзводстава пельменей

  21. Wait you're allowed to do that? I've always moved them one at a time 😂

  22. I like your games for two.. wish i could have 1 at home

  23. It seems like she always loses in every game they play 🤔

  24. Is this Chinese Checkers? I love that game!

  25. Abalone is one of my favorite games, and it's been around for a while. I did notice that niether of you used moves that shift a line of two or three marbels to the side, you were always pushing your lines forward or backwards.

  26. For those wondering, the game's name is "Avalone"

  27. Spoiler, the winner makes dinner just because they had a fun time together.

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