Come Play Bouncing Ball With Us! #boardgames -

Come Play Bouncing Ball With Us! #boardgames

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  1. If you want be to play with you say your address and I will come and Play with you 😏

  2. Im surprised that yellow made nothing but a penis

  3. Gooden rule of connect 4, stop them connevting 3.

  4. More than the game I enjoy their vibes

  5. him: "aaaw it almost landed in there.."
    me: that's what he said 🌚

  6. Thank you
    This made me buy something
    Similar :]

  7. okay but how did that ball just hover over 2 spots like that 😭

  8. How is nobody talking about the 6th red ball almost landing in spot 1 or 2 and then randomly going to spot 4 lol?

  9. What caused your devorce?
    "Bouncing balls…"

  10. shes gonna eat the food before its even cooked 💀💀💀

  11. is it jsut me or is dude winning every time, knowing that hes better at games and acting like he mgiht lose, genius really

  12. I know that shes gonna lose at the start because of the same phrase "loser make dinner"

  13. I need this game and play it with my buddies and bro to settle what we have for snacks 😄

  14. Bro is the MC always somehow wins 😅

  15. The comments never realized what the yellow balls shaped

  16. I haven’t seen many videos from these guys, only a few. But every single time the guy wins. When is my home girl gonna win?

  17. Okay but have we actually seen if the loser actually does it

  18. They have every board game in existence and make a living off it

  19. Let her win or I will course you
    (Oum boom swaha)

  20. Мне кажется они друг другу потдаются. Сначала он ей ,а потом она ему😂

  21. It's funny that people believe these are genuine reactions

  22. Just make a terrible dinner as retribution. REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED LUKEWARM AND A LITTLE RUNNY!

  23. The wife's plastic balls are making an interesting shape 😳

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