Come Play Bugs In The Kitchen With Us! #boardgames #couple -

Come Play Bugs In The Kitchen With Us! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy I got bugs in my tummy!!!

  2. I remember those weird bug things!!! They were my best friends for a while!

  3. I thought dose was cat toys. I have two of those but they came in a box whit secondhand legos

  4. Eu antes:😄
    Eu depois de perceber que o dado é inútil: 🤦‍♂️

  5. Holy crap I used to have like 4 of those bugs and a really huge stage for them 😮

    What were those robot bugs called again? Nano bugs? Hex bugs?

  6. Ive never seen this game, seems so fun.

  7. Bro, I remember having these as a kid this is so nostalgic

  8. Man this is a really fun video ❤😂

  9. You can spice it up by using real cockroaches

  10. oh so that’s how ur meant to play with those things lmao

  11. Bruh i had this toy in the past, but i still have that bug lol.

  12. Ok if someone is wondering the toy is called hex bug

  13. Надо было живого таракана, он там сам всё зделал.😂

  14. Как называется игра?

  15. toy somehow getting epilepsy
    This two:🎲

  16. oh ye i remember i had something similar to this but i had with tubes like this thing can move in plastic transparent tubes

  17. This explains my terminal anxiety. All of my childhood games where like this 😮

  18. That board game looks fun. How much does it cost?

  19. Wait is that a hexbug? I still have those around!

  20. What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a hex bug? Is it a hex bug?

  21. If i ever have a wife i want this kind of relationship.

  22. يلعبون ألعاب محد يفهمها غيرهم

  23. bruh u grew up with those hexbugs toys

  24. … This was a game? I thought the bugs were just silly toys?

  25. Them reinforcing the rules but only for each other is the cutest thing ever

  26. That looks like the most fun game ever.

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