Come Play One Of Our Favorite Two Player Strategy Games Of 2023 With Us,Triggle! #boardgames #couple -

Come Play One Of Our Favorite Two Player Strategy Games Of 2023 With Us,Triggle! #boardgames #couple

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  1. bruh just do the top left side 4 together😡😡
    This annoys me

  2. I want to buy this…. Pls sent the link

  3. Yako oka apine hada gaththe othana paya,තත්පර ,vinadi okkoma api hadagaththe anika umba oya video eke kiyana vidiyata 13 kiyana ilakkamath api hadagaththe ,

  4. Она не устала готовить? 😂

  5. TRIGGLE is the name of this game. Walmart or Fat Brain Toys

  6. Many to you win I say to the gril but why she don't know that so
    Remember your problem so you win and your friend or bf make a deener ☺️👍🏻😅

  7. You guys play the coolest freaking games! Where do I get them!??

  8. What this games? I wanna buying this..

  9. What board game is this bcuz I’m tryna play it and I think my family would also like this

  10. wife makes dinner everytime, make her room in the kitchen already

  11. Ehh the game looks interesting what is the name I'll order it from amazon😊

  12. There are 3 triangles in the upper left corner 😮

  13. Bruh he had more than her. HE WONN😤

  14. Yall ate wasting time for dinner cant yall make dinner together

  15. What actually happened: no one made dinner and instead they went to MacDonald’s and ordered 5 Big Macs and large fries like normal.

  16. I'm sitting here yelling "pay attention to the boarder!" in my head like that'll help 😂

  17. What game it is… Pls tell me the game name…

  18. There’s another version of this called dots. So basically you draw a grid of dots to set it up and your goal is to make as many squares as possible without setting up three walls for the other player to make a square if you make a square you can place another line between dots and that could cause a chain reaction if your doing it in a hallway/ place a line to make a square but now another square spot opens up all throughout the hallway

  19. They must be super lazy like geez they be making all these videos to see who’s gonna do what like dang

  20. I wonder if anyone gets dinner after playing your games. I love how you can share cooking dinners together. I would but I have been with my husband for 50 years and my husband cannot cook with the great Lord being beside him. So I always cook.

  21. I wish me and my missus could play board games but she gets too angry and a war ensues afterwards

  22. Как называется эта игра?

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