Come Play Tic Tac Two With Us! #boardgames #couple -

Come Play Tic Tac Two With Us! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Their small brains hurt to watch sometimes

  2. He could have won qhen he just have to put 3 in a row thwn move the column later.

  3. Stop playing for dinner, or buy a bigger camera

  4. She won 2 time but she would not see even

  5. Where they find these fun games?! I wanna buy some of them

  6. Wouldn’t it just be easy to make a row of 3 and then moving the board there? Whilst still keeping them from making a 3 row first. Should be easy if you start

  7. So you can win by preassembling 3 in a row and putting the grid on it after? Suddenly that's a bit of a boring game

  8. This becomes more of a challenge to just get 3 in a row somewhere, then just move the board. Seems this game lacks a little bit. Needs to be a way to block the board from being moved somewhere as well maybe

  9. there should be a rule where cross cant be moved back to back and you cant move it two turns in a row, so other person has chance to move and you dont get stuck moving it back and forth without moving pieces

  10. When he first moved it I was like whaat

  11. this game is very easy to get mad at cuz you can just move the # away from the winning pieces at all times

  12. Why don't you guys shoot the video of looser Making dinner aur cleaning toilet 😑

  13. She could have won earlier but moved the grid

  14. You’re telling me she didn’t see that?????

  15. Why didnt she not see that in the bottom left corner

  16. This girl really looks like Melissa McCarthy

  17. I mean you have to make rules about not moving the “Arena” consecutively per turn and per player to avoid the looping game.

  18. Everyone saying she could have one, but he could have one even sooner.

  19. Bro uh have to cheat cus ive seen shes cheating too in some shorts😡

  20. This game is kinda flawed by design. There should be a rule that limits the blue piece, which is the 9 squares of tic tac toe to be moved. Otherwise, you end up in an endless cycle of “I want it here.” “No I want it there.” What’s the point?

  21. How she missed that…she could have win earlier….

  22. 👋 hey, sometime upload dinner making,or punishment videos also.

  23. Did she seriously not see that she could’ve won so easily?

  24. Can someone tell me the name of the game please?

  25. If the game is tic tac toe she missed an opportunity

  26. What's wrong with her mouth bruh look at it closely it's making me so annoyed

  27. This is a dumb game.

    Play in the center. No matter where they block you, you can make a two in a row. Now they block you again.

    You place your third one to the side of the first one, creating an L. They now cannot block you from creating a three in a row.

    Next turn, no matter what they do, you place the cross over your three in a row.

    Solved game.

  28. Oh my God, it’s so easy win… can be

  29. Women should always make the food👁👄👁

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