Current Top 10 Board Games I Can't Stop Playing - Featuring Game Brigade! -

Current Top 10 Board Games I Can’t Stop Playing – Featuring Game Brigade!

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  1. #unlimited I have really enjoyed Ascension Tactics and The Kings Dilemma. Was Meh on Sleeping Gods:Distant Skies

  2. #unlimited been playing a lot of heroes of might and magic 3 Kickstarter. Really enjoying it so far! Also been playing blood on the clocktower, my personal favourite of all time, and seas of havoc.

  3. I finally got a chance to play through Sleeping Gods and love it. Also have recently played Too Many Bones and want to dive into that more. On the lighter side, I’ve been having fun with Daybreak and Bullet ⭐️ #unlimited

  4. I purchased a lot of new games the last months but we are so hooked on Cascadia that we haven't played half of the other games haha. Everdell also a game we still play a lot #unlimited

  5. #Unlimited for me it's always Radlands and also Mindbug. Looking forward to playing Cthulhu death may die and more super fantasy brawl. O I've also been playing a bunch of aeons end solo.

  6. Best games I’ve been playing is Star Wars Unlimited and Summoner Wars 2nd edition. #unlimited

  7. #unlimited Congrats on completing Oathsworn! I just played my first session a couple weeks ago and it's pretty good. Also got War for Arrakis and have played both 2 player and solo. The game I've been into the most lately is Voidfall, and I'm doing a Pandemic Legacy campaign with my wife and her parents.

  8. #unlimited Been playing a lot of great games lately. Middara, Oathsworn, and Arkham Horror are the main three of late tho

  9. #Unlimited been playing space base and the new game Skyrise(surprisingly fun and easy to learn)

  10. #unlimited – Just discovered your channel and subscribed. Been playing through two different campaigns of Frosthaven, my copy of Castles of Burgundy Deluxe Edition, and Spirit Island.

  11. #unlimited. I've been really slow this year but Distilled, Carnegie and Russian Railroads has been most fun

  12. Earthborne rangers and Dune war for arrakis are my gaming loop so far.
    Honestly I got rid of Maximum Apocalypse, it just turned so grindy once the novelty of the nice art rubbed off.
    Earthborne rangers is a far richer experience than Max Apoc. Similar feel but lots more varieties of things to deal with rather than just ‘monsters’.

  13. #unlimited – been playing lots of small Japanese card games lately like Scout, Hachi Train, R-Eco+ and Trick of the Rails. Quick and fun games are the only ones I had time for lately.

  14. #unlimited I finally picked Dice Miners, super fun, and I’m waiting for Primal the Awekening to reach my doorstep

  15. Last couple months
    1- Veilwraith
    2- Marvel Champions Next Evolution
    3- Project L Ghost Expansion

    Up Next- Tamashii

  16. Got deadly dowagers from you! We've been enjoying it at 4p couples nights 🙂

  17. Thanks Brian, I always find your lists to be informative, entertaining and relevant to my gaming preferences. In case you have not, consider Black Rose Wars for deck building and area control. #unlimited

  18. #Unlimited – Age of Innovation is the highlight game at the moment, can't get enough of the terraforming goodness.

  19. #unlimited – I've been playing burncycle and Too Many Bones. I've played both enough that I rarely need to check the rulebook. This makes for a nice, sustained bit of playtime. I think next, I'll dive back into Marvel Champions.

  20. #unlimited not too many games played this past 6 months due to my 2nd kid being born half a year ago, but did manage to play Thunder Road Vendetta a couple of times and actually have 3 friends coming over tonight to play that game!

  21. #Unlimited I’ll tell ya I have been tearing it up with some Marvel champions! It’s so quick to get out and setup! I play solo for the most part I’m just really enjoying that! I’m gonna have to check out Star Wars Unlimited! Good video man!

  22. Lately we've been playing mostly Nemesis and champions of midgard, which are not new releases but new to our group anyway. Both quite excellent. I've managed to grab a decently price Cyberpunk 2077 and was impressed by the tutorial mission (which is the only game we've played yet) though it was a bit too quick. We might play a longer tutorial game before jumping into the scenarios. #unlimited

  23. I've recently just finished my first playthrough of Sleeping Gods and really loved it! I know people have had their gripes about the combat system, but I honestly thought it was a unique and fun approach to a combat system. It's a bit of a table hog and having to manage 9 crew members is a task, but can't wait to dive back into it. I've missed the boat on the whole Star Wars #unlimited thing, but I'm kinda over the IP. Besides, between MtG, Sorcery and Flesh and Blood, I don't have time or the wallet for another TCG 😂

  24. #unlimited in the last 6 months we finished our first ever campaign game: King's Dilemma. While we found the ending a let down, it didn't overshadow all the table laughs, banter and fun we had over these the games of the campaign, just brilliant game. Our most played non-campaign games were otherwise Dune Imperium and Wonderland's War, the former we like for its intensity, the latter for its light heartedness and easy fun.

    Thanks for your video, blood on the clocktower seems intriguing but best with big party groups though.

  25. #unlimited best game deffinitely Dune War for Arrakis but also Terrorscape and Mythic Mischief. I’m still waiting for 6Siege, EU shippings have just started.

  26. #unlimited Been a few months since i bought a new game because there's too much interesting games on crowdfunding😅 i have a 3player group and we play every friday. Right now, we really love Dwellings Of Eldervale, Massive Darkness 2, Hybris Disordered Cosmos and Taverns & Dragons (little KS campaign by Lord Raccoon Games).

  27. Been really enjoying Dune after the Dune 2 release. Would love some gameplay videos – maybe some #unlimited?

  28. Let's the last 6 months I have really enjoyed playing Spire's End and Spire's End: Hildegard, Gloomhaven, Gloomhaven Buttons and Bugs, Final Girl, and Guillotine! #unlimited

    Thank you for the video! Always love watching your content! 🙌

  29. Best games I’ve been playing are Scythe Campaign, Veiled Fate, and Castles of Burgendy! #unlimited

  30. #unlimited Just discovered Mythic Mischief and am going through the different factions to paint. Almost through there, so time for a new IV game 🙂

  31. #unlimited Definitely need to try SW Unlimited! I have been enjoying Dune Imperium lately, recently picked up Uprising too. Heat is also another game I’ve been playing and love! I’ve been painting minis and “blinging” other games…which helps with the wife when I need to buy something new lol.

  32. I've been slacking on my game plays lately due to small children but I've still managed to get in some great plays of Cthulhu Death May Die and Marvel Zombies. Thanks for another great video! #Unlimited

  33. #unlimited We've been enjoying Dune Imperium for the last couple game nights. Expecialy after watching the latest movie ! Great videos man 😉

  34. #unlimited
    I have been enjoying Sleeping Gods Distant Skies, ROOT, RA and ready set bet the most !

  35. #Unlimited I've been playing Root and I absolutely love the asymmetry 🙂 Looking forward to playing new games!

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