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*CUSTOM* BOARD GAME! *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite

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Today in #Fortnite #Creative we do another BOARD GAME CHALLENGE in a Custom Made Fortnite Battle Royale mini game!
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  1. Ssundde used to love the turret but now he hates it

  2. Ssundde try’s to move 3 spaces me mission failed

  3. Isn’t it odd that ssundee always wins these things?

  4. Ssundee actually got a one in the beginning of the vid

  5. This man saved my corona lockdown every midday eating toasts

  6. Just to put it clear ssundee was supposed to died he rolled a 5 one the third layer he wasn't supposed to get duel pistols

  7. Who is watching this in 2022 think about it 456 SQUID GAME

  8. does anyone have the island code for this island i want to play it with friends (1 or 2)

  9. He has Cobalt as well me too

  10. When sigils says yea bud at the start it reminds me of the true friendship and love that all of them share kept it going ssundee😁

  11. We now know biffle played to much tf2 sniper during his lifetime.

  12. Rebel game day couple Grammys on you spell draws the pool so hungry with that will take you to work to go to velvet text

  13. 456 is squid game and this was posted 3 years ago👀👀👀

  14. I my the only person that sundde got 2 saw that he could get purple spas he moves forward get six shorter

  15. Who else just went down to see ssundee first video

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