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Dark Souls the Board Game – Core Set Review

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Unkindled…Join me as I review the new Core Sets of Dark Souls the Board Game from Steamforged Games.

In Dark Souls you must explore dangerous encounters, fight enemies and complete objectives. Earned souls can be spent claiming upgraded equipment to help you on your journey where you’ll face off against powerful Bosses. Be wary, when you need to rest the dungeon and encounters reset and you’ll need to start the encounters again…if you are defeated you risk losing everything

Tomb of Giants and The Painted World of Ariamis are due for release in early November. The games introduces updated mechanics and rules as well as new enemies and Bosses in 2 standalone games.

In this review video we’ll look at gameplay, new rules, the encounter system and compatability with the original game and its expansions.

“Thus began the Age of Fire. But soon, the flames will fade, and only Dark will remain. Even now, there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights. And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign.”

0:00 Introduction
3:00 Contents
7:18 Gameplay
8:21 Encounters
11:12 Enemy Activation
13:53 Character Activation
17:40 Character Development and Bonfire
19:41 Boss Battles
21:51 Terrain
23:18 Final Thoughts
27:43 Compatability
31:31 Print Errors

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  1. Man your reviews are so well done and informative, best video out there on the new core sets by far.

  2. Error confirmed in all heroic token? Have They blank side?

  3. This was a thoughtful and well-written review. Appreciate you taking the time to highlight the differences between this and the original sets. Lots of questions I had were answered. Do like some of the rules here, might just use them as is with my original sets.

  4. Great review, felt very thorough. These core boxes seem quite the disappointment relative to the original box. Going cheap on the character boards is pretty lame

  5. The Dark Souls IP deserves better than these half-baked releases.

  6. Original player boards and cubes are far superior. This does look improved in some areas but not sure it's worth getting to overwrite the core sets I already own. Also, the original core set had more bosses and mini bosses. I still think the original core set is sufficient. I can just house rule some of these new concepts myself without getting the new core sets…however, I do really want the new bosses haha.

  7. I have question. Is there any emargo from the publisher for the gameplay? There no silgle one enywhere.

  8. Excellent review. The new version of this game doesn’t have the value or have the same replay capability as the original. The older themed sets, minus the bosses, cannot be ported forward and means the new game suffers from variety. Plus let’s also keep in mind you have to buy the new game twice just to get varied opponents for a campaign. The design and release structure here is terrible. They should have made one a base core set and the other the first expansion. Finally, the print and play option to use my original items in the new system is utter rubbish in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll be supporting this company moving forward and will be targeting the last mega bosses I need when they go on clearance.

  9. They really bombed this game, easily my most regretful purchase. Great review! Thank you!

  10. Hi, nice review !
    Do you know if the misprints will be corrected for the pre-orders or should I cancel them and wait for a 2nd print ?

  11. Hi, sorry I dont understand the block and dodge system, i dont see the difference with the base game. Same for damages and stamina, we can only take 4 damages ?
    you say, before activating a character he can move 1?

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