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Are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Dead By Daylight: The Board Game from Level 99 Games reimagines the massively popular survival horror video game as an asymmetrical survival horror experience like nothing else. Becca Scott is joined by special guests Hale Grande, Whitney Moore, and Michelle Nguyen-Bradley in a thrilling and chilling episode of Game the Game as they try to appease the monstrous entity and survive the night in equal measure.

This video is made in paid partnership with Level 99 Games. Learn more about Dead By Daylight: The Board Game here:


  1. Torn this looks good too but terrorscape on kickstarter right now I think looks a bit better.

  2. You need to include on screen text, as every other board game channel does, that corrects the many mistakes you make during playthroughs. Otherwise you will confuse people and end up teaching them the incorrect way to play games.

  3. Good…. review… I guess… Too much nonsense

  4. Realistic Claudette roleplay. Crouch walks up to a locker at the start of the game and get's inside with the killer nowhere in sight.

  5. I’ve watched a few of your how to videos over the past 2 years and this was my first play through video of yours. Loved it! Smiled the whole way through! You guys were hilarious. Game looks awesome, can wait to play with my friends soon:)

  6. This is a really good conversion of the videogame, maybe the best I've seen.

  7. Classic claudette hiding in the bushes not doing the gen while the killer attacks everyone else 😂 great video!

  8. Missed this soo much. Would you ever consider playing Wingspan or Villainous again?

  9. Are these real people or AI😂 everything is so weird and unfunny

  10. hey will you guys turn the music up a bit i can still hear the video

  11. How fiting that Nea wants to turn to the killer side at the end! 😀

  12. The flow of this game matches the video game in scarily close detail. And survivors need to step up their communication. Killers look like they can snowball quick.

  13. the volume is just wayyyy tooo soft for this video, even on max volume i can barely hear anything.

  14. I want to play this game! Look very replayable and like it’d be fun to strategize

  15. Excellent video, very entertaining and explanatory, but I have a small question: If the survivor who is hung on the hook is not rescued in the same round, does he die or what happens to him?

  16. Nice game. You were playing Nea's Balanced landing wrong though. You have to move first, then instead of interacting, you can use balanced landing to move again. You don't get to interact and you gain a BP.

  17. this video was too good! too high for this

  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but, most of the killers agree to help the entity because it supplies them with more people to hurt and kill and thats all they wanted. One being Blight, the entity gave him the serum he wanted but inexchanged got an over dose from it and now has an addiction the entity can supply.

    Also, this game looks so fun, now I want to play it XD;

  19. Nea can't interact if she uses balanced landing

  20. The only issue is that the audio is terribly mixed. It goes from too quiet to hear, to crazy loud. And then the ads are blowing out my speakers. Just pointing out the issue.

  21. This game looks like a lot of fun to play and with the right group, it'll be hilarious! (Btw I saw on Nea's card that when she uses her Balanced Landing ability, she's unable to interact on the turn she uses it 12:03 ) Great video, regardless!

  22. It’s kinda fun seeing Hale so contained 😂 it’d be fun to see him play killer though

  23. Balanced landing was used wrong. Instead of interacting. (also gives BP)

    It seems to be a cool game. Also discourages tunneling & camping which the actual game doesn't.

  24. Nerdist pulling Penny Luckstone out of her palimpsest to do a video once a year.

  25. Haven't seen Whitney in what feels like ages. Nice to have her back (and every player is great of course).

  26. Hey, we know this game! It was so great to see all of you have fun! <3

  27. I'm still waiting on my kickstarter preorder for this game. I got the collector's edition.

  28. To bad they messed up launch, need to confirm I got my money back acctually.

  29. I dont understand, if the killer goes last each round, how can anyone unhook somebody between the killer's turn and the end of the round?

  30. I work like totally haRdeRRR, yah hee hee hee!

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Nea should not have been able to work on that generator at 12:05, nor unhook at 42:35, because Balanced Landing takes away your interaction, correct?

    Regardless, VERY excited for this game 🙂 Thank you for the playthrough!

  32. I so want to see you play mansions of madness

  33. I LOVE WATCHING Becca play games so much <3 <3 <3

  34. "It's about damn time!" ^-^

    I've missed this show so much. Glad you guys are back.

  35. So good to see Whitney at the table again she's always a joy!

  36. This game seems completely killer sided😂. The game can be over in like 5 rounds pretty easily.

  37. I'm so happy you're back. One technical nit: the music was a bit too loud at some points, it was drowning out the players some.

  38. need to work on audio, music over powers talking. great video besides that.

  39. Love the video game so much! Excited for it to hit my table too!

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