Detective: City of Angels - The Best Crime-Solving Board Game? -

Detective: City of Angels – The Best Crime-Solving Board Game?

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  1. Is that CGI? I vaguely remember those "inn per sone unterakshones" from the before times.

  2. When there will be your 2021 top 100 boardgames of all time

  3. You guys…with your enthusiasm and wit, I end up wanting to buy everything you like. I…can't…help…myself.

  4. This both sounds like a really fun game, and is also an incredibly accurate depiction of the LAPD

  5. Oh god please do a reaction of "What Board Games Are Like Now" by Sir Matteus, it would be a delight.

  6. Thanks. Always such a fun watch plus good info.

  7. At 17:35 you say that the Chisel announces to the whole table how many of the three things were correct. This is not correct. The Chisel only marks it on the paper and gives it back to the player, so no other detectives know how many they got right.

  8. This is the best review ever. I've got Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and I do enjoy it… But now I'm asking for Detective: City of Angels for Christmas. Here's hoping.

  9. This is the best version of the "solve it yourself" genre ever. My game of the decade.

  10. In general, I am not a big fan of this kind of Ameritrash game but this was definitely one of the better ones.

  11. If you look at real world cops AND noir cops, they actually spend most of their time beating people up, following luck, stealing evidence and intimidating witnesses, so when you say "actual detectives"…I don't know what you mean, Quinn baby

  12. You know right away this game is good when you see a half asleep Quinns wearing a hoodie and pulling a thumbs up.

  13. "What made you think you could get away with this murder?"
    "Well, the cops only had time to ask three questions, and they kept hiding information from each other just to advance their petty careers."

  14. "A games master. Or a games master who hates you. So a games master."

    The best jokes always have that kernel of truth and this one hit hard. I hate my wonderful players.

  15. With every passing day Quinns resembles Richard E Grant more and more

  16. How does it compare to Android? Technically, Android is not even a crime solving game because players frame their own solution but it has flair and theme in abundance.

  17. Thank you for at good review.
    It is just me or is Detective by portal games the big elephant in the room?

  18. Who took the beli from us and why is she acting against us after all these years? 🥺

  19. I found it interesting that SU&SD mentioned Dreadful Circus (published by Portal Games), but did not compare the Detective series by Portal.

  20. Tom and Quinns in the same physical space? What is this, a crossover episode?

  21. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you maybe had a playlist of your lists somewhere? Like top fives or company wide games etc

  22. Every time Tom showed up I was waiting for the pythonesque "You want to come back to my place?"

  23. At 1:32 I checked all of my open programs to see what made that notification sound.

  24. Hi, I'm trying to make a board game, but I'm stuck in a fog, a fog that is always changing shape, but I have a idea that I want to create, a world to create, lovable characters you can bond with, it's a TTRPG but a little different, and designing it by myself is very hard, it's like solving a Rubriks cube for the first time with no help, I have ideas, but it's hard to grasp this fog, but the more pieces of the puzzle I'm trying to solve, the more the fog takes form and I can grasp it, and soooo many questions, like, how big should the board be, how can I make my game feel like you just entered a new world like Jumanji, what colors should I used, and I need these questions answered by real board game players and designers, because they know this stuff, so if you are one of these, please, help me, I beg you, my brain hurts of all this FOG!

  25. Hahaha "like a piece of literature giving you a wedgie". I don't think there is a better description for that game lol. I'd like to change the BGG description to that lol

  26. Quins, is that your wife's trench coat? Very stylish!

  27. "An unprepared gaggle of gun-toting schoolkids"
    Yeah, that's the cops alright

  28. I have a list of games I would like to get, with a subsection called ‘stupidly expensive board games’ and this is at the top of that list.
    Looks great 🙂

  29. Is SU&SD considered part of the left tube? Because they feel like it to me and that would be awesome 😀

  30. As the chisel, could you just tell the truth all the time… since the other players expect you to be lying, they are misdirected?

  31. I love this game. I consider it the best Kickstarted game I've ever backed, and that's saying something. I love playing the solo version, but the classic play with the Chisel as a gamemaster is genius. Great game.

  32. Nice shoutout to Ace Attorney, even though you were pointing out one of its biggest flaws. Wonder how they would make a board game out of that

  33.'s the thing: "if you've finished all 9 and want more, you could look at getting them". By the time we finished all 9 it's likely they'd be sold out and we'd be paying $200 per expansion if we could even find it. I think the whole idea of "wait and see" for board games and expansions is really poor thinking. Other than the most super popular board games, the rest are going to end up with limited availability long before they stop being fun and interesting. if you think you'll be interested in it, buy it. If you end up not being interested a seal or barely used copy down the road is possibly going to be worth more than you paid for it.

  34. I love the detective stuff like Sherlock Holmes I'm getting this game

  35. I know why I'm a SUSD fanboy. I knew you were gonna like this game before you even liked the game! pow! no seriously: this IS by far the best ever produced crime-solving board game. You get sooo much gameplay in just the core box. This game will NEVER leave my shelf

  36. Man I loved LA Noire this looks like it was really scratch that itch

  37. While this looks fun, my limited budget always has a problem with games that limit replayability.

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