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Disney Board Games Ranked!

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Today we are ranking all of the Disney Board Games we’ve ever played and ranking them from Best to Worst!

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Space Mountain
Jungle Cruise
Haunted Mansion
A Goofy Movie
Big Thunder Mountain
The Rocketeer
Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena

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Game 8: (3:28)
Game 7: (4:42)
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  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: A Gemstone Mining Game is actually really fun. It's been out of print for a few years now, but it's a fun mix of randomness and take-that elements that is easy enough to play with a family, but also pretty fun for adults too. Theming is pretty well done also.

  2. A lot more original Disney games coming out in the past few years.
    I'm waiting with baited breath for information on the next Disney Villainous sets! The leaks have me very impatient.

  3. Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know!

  4. Have you aver tried A Gathering of the Wicked?

  5. Very excited to see Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances high on the list!

  6. Fun video! I was curious about a few of these, thanks!

  7. I knew Space Mountain would be on the bottom!! I was pretty pumped about the game but thanks to your review I didn’t buy it.

    I was so sad this happened, is my favorite ride at Disney. Hope Funko grabs the opportunity since they hit the right spot with Disney Board Games!!

  8. Nice games! I recommend Return of the Headless Horseman

  9. Love every version of Villainous and hoping they come out with new expansions for both Disney and Star Wars. Disney Villainous got me on board-gaming and really growing my own collection. Also want to check out Big Thunder Mountain now since it looks fun!

  10. Very solid list and ranking. I would rank Space Mountain as #1 in my "Worst Disney Games" by far, the Jungle Cruise was the biggest disappointment (production values, pun levels, and then a drab droll game that takes 2x longer than it ought to…

    A couple Disney games that I think deserve mention are Happiest Day Game and It's a Small World. These have been great for YOUNG audiences (definitely don't expect Agricola level play. 🙂 ). Also, we really liked the Mickey and the Beanstalk game (particularly it's components).

    Great list. Much fun.

  11. Nice to see Disney Animated so high on this list. I just got my Amazon dispatch email this morning so we should be able to crack it open this weekend.

    It is technically a retheme but have you played Toy Story Obstacles and Adventures? It is a retheme of Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle but is definitely a family weight deck builsing game that can get quite challenging

  12. I love Haunted Mansion! It's such a unique mechanic with the spinning hallway. My sister had it and I enjoyed it so much that I had to buy a copy for myself. I think I prefer HM over Sushi Go!
    We like Thunder Mountain, but the mountain spinning to release the marbles is so frustrating! So I'd switch Haunted Mansion & Thunder Mountain in the number order.
    I agree with Villainous being #1. I'm sad that they chose to recreate the first set (reducing # of characters) instead of creating another expansion. I love that each villain's game is so different! I wish all the Villainous could be played together to allow different people to enjoy their universe.

  13. Even though Jungle Cruise became boring, was it enjoyable for a few playthroughs? Mom was really disappointed that Jumanji wasn't what we expected (having to play act) so I was thinking about replacing with Jungle Cruise.

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