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Distilled – Board Game Review

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Let’s make some spirits and sell them in Distilled!

Today we are giving you our thoughts on yet another game, and today it’s all about distilling the greatest spirits in the world!

We only got to play this with 2 players, so this is a 2 player review!

We hop you’ll enjoy it!

Thanks for watching!

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Check out the game on Board Game Geek here:

Timestamps to the people:

Intro: 00:00
Overview: 00:14
Artwork & Components: 01:15
Rulebook & player Aids: 02:42
Playtime & Player Count: 03:58
The market phase: 04:50
The distill phase: 07:07
The sell and aging phases: 10:39
Interaction and player count 12:45
Variability: 13:28
Weight & Who is it for: 14:32
Final Thoughts: 16:06


  1. Shockingly shallow for such a big (expensive) game.

  2. We had fun with this one too. Usually these lighter ones we play a couple times and then are good but this will stick around for a while. I also need to pick up the metal coins, I somehow neglected to add them to my pledge and they are so nice.

  3. Everdell has text so small I stopped playing it.

  4. I’m very keen on getting this. Like the theme too so. Fast medium game is gonna be played a lot here. Lots of whiskey and desti…..eeehh. Ppl drinking I mean 😂 Ty for the review.

  5. We've (husband and I) have enjoyed this game as well! We've only played it at 2 but had a great time. Definitely a keeper for us!

  6. Thanks for the review! I've ordered a copy.🙂

  7. I'm also really enjoying this game at 2 player. Hopefully I can give 3 and 4 player a try to see how it compares.

  8. I have played at two and played the solo mode. Really enjoy it, not to difficult to learn, but what an amazing number of decisions to make. The more you play it, the better you get at it. The solo game is really well done and not just tacked on to the game. Really glad I backed it.

  9. Just played it a few days ago with my wife and son of 9… Is a great complexity for our family!

  10. Didn't have time to finish the vid, so i don't know if you touched on this, but I think this game NEEDS to be one or two turns longer. There is just so much you still want to do at turn 7. Other than that, It is super fun and rewarding

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