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Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game Review: Avoid the Void

The Dice Tower
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Zee, Camilla, and Joey take a look at Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game!

0:00 Intro
0:48 Overview
13:00 Final Thoughts

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  1. Prior to my Son Seán working as QA on Baldurs Gate 3 he was a tester for this board game version of Divinity Original Sin. As thanks, Larian Studios gifted him a full set of the game. They even named a character after him #Immortalised

  2. Does anyone have the miniature pack? How's the quality? Compared to say, Oathsworn, how much does it enhance the experience? Based on the videos, it looks like the enemy marker presence is much lower then in longer session campaign games, so I'm not sure it's worth it, even though I usually prefer to have them.

  3. Camilla's awesome, she ran this video so well!

  4. Dungeon Mode is exactly what you want. That’s all our group plays.

  5. Question. I have the game. What happens if you lose battle/location.
    Rule book says restart the location. Lose gold but keep items?.
    Does it mean restart current location or back to the start of the atlas?/restart whole campaign.

  6. When is this available retail? It just says preorder on larian website? 🤔

  7. Just got mine. Game itself is well done and will probably be fun but the mini's are garbage. Some of the bigger models are ok but the main characters like lohse are just badly designed and moulded. Pity.

  8. Tip: Enhance the experience even more by listening to the amazing Divinity: Original Sin (2) soundtrack by Borislav Slavov 👌

  9. Any good places to chat about this game ? Can’t seem to find much on reddit and Facebook

  10. Great overview and review! The only thing missing and that I’m still curious about is character and campaign progression.

    Specifically, what does it look like to level up and do you acquire new items and spells? And also, what is the loss condition for each scenario or the campaign. For example, do you just try again or move on to an alternate location?

  11. This game kind of took a beating over on BGG, but after seeing this review it doesn’t look bad to me at all. It appears the designers put a lot of effort into it, I also appreciate them trying something new. I may give it a shot after all. 👍🏽

  12. My daughter is over the moon for this game. Divinity Original Sin is her favorite computer game (has played all the way through it multiple times) and she is ready to experience it as a board game.

  13. Amazing amazing video game. Glad this is well received. I'll have to check it out

  14. i had my doubts before,
    but now i might give it a shot

  15. After all these years of waiting , I am relieved the game will be good 🙂

  16. Would definitely watch Camilla play the video game if she ever streamed it! That could be a really fun time for sure.

  17. So basically from what I hear the Dungeon Mode expansion that we get with the Kickstarter version is mitigating your two biggest concerns, since it allows you to play the game not as a campaign and also speeds up the level progression. You might want to pick that one up if you like the rest. Happy to hear the game place well, looking forward to my copy arriving this week.

  18. I want to get this game, because it seems awesome, however the price point just is simply too much for me. I understand why it's as expensive as it is, but I just can't justify basically $200 in for the base game (when you include shipping)

  19. Wow, this seems to be an extremely simplified version of what was originally promised by that kickstarter. Also, i was pretty sure that KS was dead.

  20. Hmmm seems like they could of done better with the amazing combat system that the game has.

  21. Divinity Original Sin The Board Game is a masterpiece! I love it!

  22. Should we tell them only one person can win in the end?

  23. Zee‘s criticism is that it is a campaign game? Why criticize the category of game it is in a review? That’s like knocking a racing game because it is racing game and you have too many of them. Weird!

  24. This game was definitely worth the wait. I think that they get the balance just right when you consider the potential target audience. It was originally a computer game with a massive following. Do you design a game that only hard-core boardgamers will want to play due to the complexity, or do you design something that can entice computer gamers to play boardgames and vice-versa, and also entice people who play boardgames casually as well? I think they've hit the nail on the head for the latter.
    There's sufficient complexity and variation that you can play the campaign multiple times and experience something new each time (for example, I think there's 4 different potential bosses for your first 'boss battle' dependent on your path). People who want to min-max their character can and people who want to design a more 'story-lead' character can too.
    Yes, the mechanics are simpler than the computer game, but to bring that complexity to a board game would have been overkill. And, yes, the skill progression may be viewed as limited by some, but there's still thousands of potential combinations to try.
    Already on a second play-through of the campaign and looking forward to the many more to follow.

  25. Looking at the original Kickstarter page, this is like a very different game. Point and click I did not expect.

  26. The base set looks really well done! Any chance we'll get reviews of the expansion materials?

  27. Oh god… I was waiting for an epic failure after all the delay for this game. Happy that I back and result a good one

  28. I'm glad through all the development and kickstarter hell this game went through, it still came out a great game.

  29. I remember seeing a random dungeon generator deck for one-offs in Gloomhaven. I promptly threw those cards out because it was a waste of space.
    At the time I thought Why would someone buy a twenty pound campaign game and not want to play the campaign. I still stand by that theory.

  30. Glad i got mine on order, i have never played or bought board games before but now i have a few coming.

  31. 10:17 hit for 2 in this case not 1 and you could heal 1 health

  32. When something says "the Boardgame" it's an avoidgame for me.

  33. Camilla is great – her commentary and perspective. She looks like she's always having fun and is very thoughtful in her reviews. More Camilla!

  34. I am so glad it came out, now yes changed version then original, it looks good still and unique. Only thing is kickstarter order this from the start and went all in for the extra stuff…..Now what worried what exactly do i get extra for paying all in. Since no official post of what's included has been set yet.

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