DIY Box Throne Board Game Shelf! -

DIY Box Throne Board Game Shelf!

Chris Beyer
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How to build your own custom board game shelf at a fraction of the cost of other shelf units!


  1. No mention of how badly this is going to wear your boxes out resting on the awful shelves? Kudos for trying to fill a need but the shelves you've chosen are truly horrendous. They're going to require you to go over the lip each time. They're also very narrow and unforgiving, if you have a game with any kind of heft they're going to dig right into that and anything you play regularly is going to show signs of age very quickly.Also of note, for zero effort and $50 I can just get a used 4×4 Kallax.

  2. where did you buy the metal trays?I didn't find something similar

  3. The racks are now up to $70 on Amazon but seem to go on sale a lot for like $40. Still a great design!

  4. Thank you so much for making this video! Over the holiday weekend, my wife and I built this and it is fantastic! It was about double your cost with the price of clips, pilasters, and wood going up, but it was worth every penny.

  5. Awesome! I like your videos. And with menards, disc golf, and board games, I have a lot in common with you. Keep it up!

  6. Where did you find the pilaster for that price? Link?

  7. this is great!!! thank you for sharing….i have been collecting board games at different thrift store and just been keeping them on a plastic shelf….came across the box throne the other day and it was completely outta my price range. I appreciate the time you took to record and explain how to do this. 🙂

  8. About how stable is this? Overall I love this, but that might be my only worry about this.

  9. Any way you could put a complete supply list in the comments? I really want to build this. Thanks.

  10. Did you use the 1# 1.25" screws to fasten the pilasters to the wood, or did you use a different type of screw for that?

  11. Where did you get the shelves? We are having a hard time finding them

  12. Thanks for the video. I built it and it works great!

  13. Thank you so much for this. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Your instructions were so clear. We love ours and are so glad you make this video because I’m no carpenter and couldn’t have done it without this video.

  14. Hey Chris – this is a great alternative! Now that you have had a few months to use these shelves, what are your thoughts now? Any changes you would make ? Looks great!!

  15. I just made my own thanks to you. I really appreciate it. It works GREAT!

  16. What solution do you have for big box games like carcassonne or el grande? I dont see any extended grates you can purchase.

  17. What is crazy is using EXACT same materials from exact same locations (amazon and menards) the exact same project would cost about $370 before tax. The paint is now $37 at menards vs 13 in video, pilasters are now $3 vs 0.89, shelves are now $38 vs $23 and wood is now $6 vs $2. I am really bummed because I was thinking I would do this. However, since I already have a box throne, the extra attachments are actually cheaper than this DIY which bums me out.

  18. Do you have a supply/material list available?

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