Does GW REALLY Make the BEST Minis? Over 30 Games Compared! -

Does GW REALLY Make the BEST Minis? Over 30 Games Compared!

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  1. What about Confrontation? The Minis are 20 years Old. But many of there Looks Today cool. Very cool Design and better than AoS Minis. Games Workshop has stolen the Design of some Minis by Confrontation.

  2. Awesome work Miniac, but video misses two cherries on the top
    – graph from the beginning with all games located
    All the best to you

  3. the Scythe minis are perfect intro pieces imho.

    Especially for slapchop.

    Since the pets are (too) close to the hero contrast color is useful due its high liquidity.

    Otherwise the guns are truly terribly molded but put on some dark greay and give it a few dry brushes with metallic silver and you are done.


  5. Gotta say, I’m surprised you left out the Doom board game

  6. Besides the great quality of models, Deep Rock Galactic is really fun to play. Anyone who's played the video game will not be disappointed in the board game!

  7. no mention of Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms?? They have amazing models, especially once you include the add on monster boxes

  8. i can't say enough how much I love your content! looking forward to watch this. currently 3 minutes in.. cheers to the algorithm!

  9. Never painted GW model but I have worked on some of the Black Rose Wars models … Notice I say worked on. I hate the mold lines on the models in Black Rose Wars. I've worked on a few of the models for quite a few hours each am still not ready to paint them. Cutting and filing mold lines … Re-sculpting ears and parts of faces … Gap filling. Egads 🙁

  10. I’m curious where Relicblade falls in your list

  11. ngl, it made me a little sad not to see Victrix and Rubicon on this list, i get they might not fit into your personal niche, but they're the best none GW mini's i've built/painted in the longest time, the feel like GW at the height for me (when they where fully modular, but worked really well in many poses, not that janky-ness you get currently). The details on the faces/hands of the Victrix models too is next level (in particular the Vikings/Saxons/Normans sets). I have a few of the early imperial rome stuff sets but i've yet to build/paint/enjoy them, so can't comment, they look good though.
    Both companys i mentioned are 1/3 of the price of GW too, sometimes less.

  12. Truly fantastic work on this video! You and your fine cohort of game testers and lenders put in a huge amount of work and for that alone it would have been worth my time. But then you structured the information beautifully and with tons of detail shots that really help inform how my opinion might coincide or differ from yours. Top notch content! Thank you.

  13. So happy to see more board game content in the mini painting space. This speaks to me more than strictly GW or war gaming videos.

  14. Was cool to see The Others listed! I don’t know many people that are familiar with it. I have the entire Kickstarter range and there are some truly incredible models in there.

  15. my grandaughter is a huge fan of Stranger Things and I am considering getting her the boardgame. the figures look pretty good and I may try painting them for her.

  16. There are much better minis out there. Some come already painted and assembled and do not charge me more for the pleasure of cutting them out, putting them together and painting them. I get to have more game time.

  17. You kind of turned this one around from the title. You concluded that other companies can make minis to the same standard as GW but did not answer the question on GW. Now basically we are talking quality of minis not price so I would say yes, GW do make the best minis. They always fit the narrative, are fit for purpose, (Don't mention fine cast) and they are wholly original.

  18. Despite all the whining about sprues, alien another day in the core has some nice minis

  19. Comparing apples with oranges. Wargaming minis compared to boardgame minis. Ofc wargame will be better…..

    Look at other wargames and compare those

  20. I don’t play any board games at all. But I have liked the look of the minis in Kingdom Death …

  21. Great video, I hadn't heard of loads of these but will definitely be checking some of them out. Thanks

  22. Does that Legolas mini have an extra finger, or is it just me?

  23. Ranking the Borderlands minis with the Hate minis is quite strange. Borderlands minis look like they come in a plastic bag at the dollar store.

  24. You should also compare Gloomhaven, Sword & Sorcery, Final Girl, Arcadia Quest and maybe some of the Ravensburger games.

  25. I'll be real with you, we've gone from 'can 3d printed models look good?' to 'can GW compete with resin printed models' over the course of just 4 years. It's actually insane how fast that tech developed.

    Like I see absolutely no reason to buy citadel models because they look low res and goofy compared to stuff I can get out of Saturn 3, which is a home printer that costs less than a 2000 point army.

  26. People like to hate on gw but they are as popular as they are for a reason the minis really are that good

  27. No GW doesn't make the best minis. They never have. Everyone knows that. Sure they have cool multipart stuff but when it comes to quality and detail, there are far better. You're pulling out board games minis which don't tend to have the same quality as tabletop minis, which in turn don't have same quality as busts and other figures. Hell, there are 3d printed minis better than GW. Look at Big Child Creative, or Creature Caster for example. Much better quality, better detail etc.

  28. It's worth mentioning that the favored painting techniques will shade a person's view of what makes a good mini.

    I watch several mini-painting channels (including yours). I remember one of them reviewing platforms like myminifactory and complaining about deep detail. They went on to describe what is gist is "i want big flat undetailed areas and the tiniest of ripples so I can use art skills to paint a mosaic of details on it."

    That's the exact opposite of what most wargammer or rpg players are looking for.
    The very models he was criticizing where from one of my favorite modelers on the platform. They print great and offer a nice balance of areas and deep details that offer several options for painting methods. Fast coat then ink? great. Paint some deep basecoats, then enjoy highlighting all the nicely defined brims? Perfect.

  29. Really like this kind of content and would love to see more reviews of different miniature makers. There's Ravaged Star that is out/coming out, which are looking good, but is that too far into wargaming?

  30. I would love to hear how you rank Imperial Assault compared to some of the other games.

  31. I painted up all the Nemsis models for a friend, and the aliens are a ton of fun to work on. They take washes and dry brushing marvelously 👌

  32. I personally find GW models a nightmare to work with. My wife and I got some kill team and misc models to build and its just a huge pain in the ass to build them. Finiky models that don't like being glued, too spindly and break, that sort of thing. I know thats like the thing with glue-type models but its a huge bummer when its so expensive. We personally LOVE the marvel united minis and much prefer the pre-assembled models, even if they're "not as good looking"

  33. This review is looking at board games that include miniatures. Explicitly not miniature war games (ASOIAF, Infinity, MCP, etc). There's much less difference in models from various miniature war games than in the board game world and it would've been far more subjective than even this video.

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