Dog Park Board Game - Does She Like It? -

Dog Park Board Game – Does She Like It?

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Today Alicia & Dwayne share their thoughts on the Dog Park Board Game, including a how-to set up & play overview. Dog Park is an auction/bidding set-collection game published by @birdwoodgames

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  1. I really need to get this to the table soon! I am all ready looking at the expansion.

  2. Thanks so much for talking about Dog Park, both! We loved hearing your thoughts 😊

  3. Do you know how solo plays? Normally not a fan of bidding, but if it's against an AI I probably won't mind.

    PS would've liked to see some mutts in this game

  4. I'll bet my wife would love this game since she is such a fan of dogs 🐕 Great video 👍

  5. I neglected to speak on one rule during the walking phase. If your walker moves to a spot that already has a walker, they have to lose 1 reputation in order to gain the bonus of that spot.

  6. Nice! Looks pretty but the wife does hate bidding…

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