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Don’t buy that game

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  1. Awesome video. Intro was so on point. 😀
    As a someone who reviews games but not for life, like you, I have bit different but simpler formula.
    If I haven't touched it for 2 years or my friend has it, I don't need it in my collection. Unless it is Anachrony. That one I don't care who has it. It stays with me. 🙂

  2. Youtuber Room and board, does a KS count down each week, and points out the expense of the games . Rarely enthusing over a game, talking of alternatives . As most of his collection has been gained through the2nd hand market.

  3. I have found myself slowing down on what I buy, I have about 50 games? There only a few, 6ish, that I have yet to play, but this video has a great message! I have tried more to play what I do have more.

  4. Thanks. The hobby needs to hear this more!
    A related discussion is that I wish the hobby would focus more on is community building. I've been struggling to start a group in my town (though it is kinda a unique case of a disfunctional community).
    But it would be nice if one had access to ways of organising a group and create safe spaces where everyone is welcome. Because having a games collection and no one to play with is where a lot of my anxiety comes from thesedays.

  5. Truth. In this day and age influencer marketing has created a churn of product that has ushered us into capitalist warp drive. I'm particularly suspect of reviewers who are relentlessly positive, ceaselessly praise Kickstarters with no balance (review copy provided), and anoint themselves as authorities to purchase/back a game (Must have! Back!) . Probably why I'm a fan of yourself, Room and Board, Shelfside, and The Broken Meeple. I think y'all do a decent job of naming some pros, cons, comparisons, and personal opinions in a distinguished enough way to help us make an informed choice. I've absolutely been swept up in the hype more often than I would like.

    I'd be interested in a video(s?) about how companies, the industry, and influencers can be more accountable to the community. I'm thinking about crowd funding gaffes, conflicts of interest in promotion, component upgrade cash grab hell, shady business practices, and the defensiveness/apolitical farce of folks who won't consider how our hobby impacts others (gate keeping, the environment, obvious colonialism/racist/oppressive themes).

    How I woke up from the Matrix – physical limits to my house and realizing that some games I purchased weren't actually that good or too similar to games I already own, e.g. so many tile-layers.

    What I did about it – Gifted them Away. Another great alternative to selling is donating to your local school or library if there aren't interested individuals to give/sell them to. I'm an educator by trade.

    A little wiser, I try games that have stood the test of popular opinion on BGG and try them on BGA/TTS or a cheap APP/Computer version that's orders of magnitude cheaper before purchasing a copy. This is how I discovered Isle of Skye, Terraforming Mars, RFTG, etc. I will also go to board game meetup sales at the local Board Game Cafe to find a deal ($5-$10 deals are pretty common!)

    Much appreciated, OG.

  6. 80 games, play on average 1 per week. So 1 & 2/3 years total 🙂

  7. This video reminded me of that game I left in the shopping cart

    Jokes aside, I understand that there's FOMO and all but I don't see what you mean by people feeling pressured. I understand that reviewers are under constant pressure to review the newest popular games all the time (ASAP, if your video goes out first you'll likely get more views), but for people that just plays the games, where is this pressure coming from? In terms of FOMO here's what I have done:

    • Avoid Kickstarter completely (turn off subscriptions, emails etc from them too). This was pretty easy to me since most of the KS games I backed was pretty disappointing.

    • See only bad reviews. I discovered that what makes me love a game more is the lack of negatives rather than the thousands of positives. Doing this can also highlight the troubles/negatives of a game that you didn't know before and might be turned off by it. I really find reading good reviews only acts as a way of confirming your beliefs before the purchase anyway. Also I'd say avoid watching/reading sponsored reviews because these are always unreliable/biased.

    • Sell your games. I'm 'notorious' in my gaming group for selling a game the same week i buy it out of disappointment, but they really help thin out your collection and get some doubloons back for more games. Also, sell your games that you are meh about and only stick with the ones that you think is good, raise the bar when you consider selling games.

  8. Since I started my boardgame second hand store, I got also a lot more into boardgame social networks (insta or smaller communities) and the peer pressure and presenting how many games one has and the pressure to play and have all increased immensely. This, however, made me more aware of the problem and selling games for others makes me better at selling mine.

    I loved also the similar video from Actualol: 10 Mistakes Most Board Gamers Make, where he points to FOMO and similar problems. I prefer also your reviews with the alternatives mentioned at the end or more critical reviewers.

    Also, thank you for the formula! I created a sheet with my games and their time in minutes and then I get how long it would take to play all the games I have not played yet…

    But I consider that some of my games are rarely played, but loved by our group and I will keep them in my collection to provide my group with the joy.

  9. Great video.
    For some reason many people are eager to tell you that what you have is not enough. Even people who don’t have any skin or profit in the game. No matter what it’s about. If it’s your gaming PC, your gear in Elden Ring, your board game collection, the price of your shoes, never enough for random people online.
    Never let the internet people tell you what you need to have or what is enough for you.

  10. I feel this. I have so many games that I just need to sell at this point

  11. Amazing content. Cannot agree more. Such fun to watch this video!

  12. Woohoo. There were 999 likes. I’m proud to say I pushed it to 1000.
    Very good video!!

  13. Yeah BABY!!! Not naming any influencers… HAHAH

  14. Excellent video with an excellent message! Thank you.

    My wife and I have played board games off and on for the last 20 years but my interest ramped up about a year and a half ago.
    I only buy retail simply because I don't have the coin to drop on these hyped KS pledges and for the most part that's ok by me (though Id covet a copy of Deep Madness…).
    As a relative 'newcomer' to this hobby there's a plethora of amazing games to be found at a retail level!! That said even at retail it's easy to drop $100+ on a game.

    My wife and I (and our two girls) are having an awesome time.

  15. Dude, definitely one of your best videos. Have been having a lot of FOMO about the millions of new games. And how you feel kind of left behind if you’re not entirely up to date with every new Kickstarter. It’s fantastic to hear someone saying, maybe buy less and play more. And from a reviewer. Much love.

  16. I have ~70..80 games and consider it a bit too much for what I'm able to play but some of them were bought second hand for a good price so even if I play it once a year, I won't sell it. Never the less, it seems that I've reached my limit and if some game looks interesting, I put it on my bucket list to try somewhere instead of just click and buy. So far it works for me.

  17. Amazing video totally supports this video.
    I own less then 40 games and I also think it's too much even for me need to see what to do 😅

  18. Agree. I haven't bought much this year. Maybe less than 5 games. But I also have trouble selling my older unplayed games, so they slowly pile up lol.

  19. I can afford 1 maybe 2 games a year. I am super critical of my purchases. I do want to point out as well, that all the creators that are pushing new hotness are making a living doing that, there does need to be some self moderation and responsibility on behalf of people buying games and having them sit on a shelf. I think though your video raises some thoughtful questions about self worth in a community setting, this is I think a human behaviour issue. We all seek prestige, and just because boardgames are supposed to be innocent and fun, does not mean that you will not find toxic and self destructive behaviour in members of the community.

  20. The problem is that "normal" people have now joined the hobby. And they do what normal people do: comfort shopping ("I feel bad, I'll buy this") and value form over essence ("WOOOOW, LOOK AT THOSE MINIS!!").

    All the games are very similar now: huge miniatures, easy to learn, and not very deep or balanced. And most of them on Kickstarter.

    Like, look at Blood Rage, this is a prime example for me. It looks fantastic. It plays well enough for a couple games, and the 9 year old at home can play as well. After 3 games, you realize how broken and untested it is. It is solvable. You'd never get that in, say, Dune (old, new, or Rex).

    The people now want games, so games have become fast food. They scratch the same itch, and have the same depth to them as fast food. Of course, not all of them. The old publishers are still doing fine. But me and my group each have a decent collection (~30 games each), built slowly over the years, and we have played every single game there several times. It definitely is a matter of self-control, and reading a lot on a game before you buy.

  21. True a lot of FOMO… and then no space in the house and a lot of money gone 🙂

  22. My bad habit of buying new stuff without having played the ones I already got promplty stopped when I ran out of space.
    It was a proper reality check when I had a Kallax shelf stuffed 😀

    I started a group at work to play some games, and thankfully that has made it so I don't have as many dust-collectors anymore

  23. Ok, i need to spell this out really clearly, because i know some folks are gonna jump the gun. If you have a big collection of games, you are playing them, and you can manage that. This video isn't about you or for you. I really don't need to hear you defensively tell me how you actually play your 300 game collection and how dare i suggest that buying all the games all the time might not be the way to go. If you are having fun with that, all good. This isn't a video for you.

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