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Dorfromantik: The Board Game Play Through | The Game Haus

The Brothers Murph
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Today at The Game Haus we play the video game turned board game Dorfromantik! This is one of the latest Video Game to Board Game adaptations and keeps all the chill qualities you’ve come to love from the video game in this now cooperative tile laying experience. Let us know what you think of this one!

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  1. You don’t have to start with 3 task tiles!

  2. Cool game! Really great to see a simpler, co-op, tile-laying, campaign. I just ordered this, I'm really excited to play.

  3. I love watching you guys play – lol my dream gaming buddies!!!! Rock on!

  4. Everyone says this game is crazy relaxing but I say when experienced players play with newbies it's the most stressful game ever made 😛

  5. Finally got my hands on this one, planning to play it with Rich… and once I opened the box and learned it, I couldn't stop playing. I think I played 4 games and unlocked the first box in the first session. #obsessed

  6. Just a rule note, but you are not allowed to burn task tiles when placing them.

    On page 4 of the rulebook : "You may NOT place a task tile that would cause a territory, track or stream to consist of more tiles at the moment you place it than the current task marker requires."

  7. guys did you take out 3 landscape tiles randomly and put them in the box before the 3 task tiles ?

  8. This game fills a HUGE niche no one is taking notice of! It's the perfect start to a game night, when some of you are present and ready to play while others will trickle in over the course of (WHO KNOWS WHEN) as you can ADD NEW PLAYERS or remove players at will without ruining the game. Too many times I have waited an hour at the start of a game night as people trickle in at random times waiting for the rest of the group to show up, not wanting to start a DECENT LENGTH game because you would not be able to finish it in time as the new people arrive. This game is a big fix in my opinion.

  9. This is exactly what I need to watch on this sickness day. Thanks for sharing your positive energy! Dominika

  10. I really wanted to pick this up at UK games expo last weekend, but I could only go on Sunday and it was sold out everywhere! 😢

  11. Picked this up a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the playthrough. It really helped fine tune my understanding of this game. You two made it look easy!👍😊

  12. Its a good game, my wife and daughter are enjoying playing through the campaign with me, very chill.

  13. you get the taste of Dorfromantik for sure…for people who want to share their play of the popular little video game with their friends, I think this game hits the mark. But for me, I think I'm happy just playing the app.

  14. Excellent! I love the video game, thanks for helping me add too many games to my wish list 😄

  15. The "6 village" scoring token when the 7th village hex was added to its village: "Am I a joke to you?" 🙂

  16. Thank you, guys!
    It looks fun and not too heavy, may be a good filler.
    I was a little concerned about replayability but extra things to mark according to the score and new boxes to open look like it will make it fun to replay.

  17. Nick & Mike, this game looks AWESOME. Thanks for that beginning, because I (Doolin) am immediately sold. Seems like you guys did pretty well too! 🙂

  18. Was wondering how much the campaign is replayable? Do the tiles from the boxes have a certain indication to which box they belong? I mean, is it possible to start over and find the exact tiles that were in the boxes and put them back again so there is the feeling of new campaign with new group?

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