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Drunk Explaining Board Games 2

Gnarly Carley Gaming
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II’ve hit 4k subscribers on YouTube, and so, as promised, here’s another episode of Drunk Explaining Board Games.

A special thanks to Scott, Ryan, and James for looking out for me during this video and making it incredibly joyful.

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  1. The only thing Rosé wine does for me is heartburn… 🙁

  2. What? No Vinhos? I think I'll stop looking for Ubongo 3D. Cash & Guns sounds intriguing, though. Thanks for another entertaining video!

  3. I love seeing how excited you get about your games! It feels contagious, I keep adding more games to my wishlist as you bring them out.

  4. in Poland we call it Pato-Stream (from Patology) when people record themselfs drinkin

  5. I want to be part of the game that you say "Fuck You, I'm going to shoot you". Priceless.

  6. Why do I like this garbage so much? Haha keep it going guys, just subscribed

  7. So sad the joy of Blokus not being known by the unseen people in this video. Also, congrats on a video getting more than 4500 views!

  8. Boobs and murder basically describes NRB’s Blood on the Clocktower games too. Sully being the biggest and most loveable boob of the bunch.

  9. "A pirate themed game where we have to do things." Welp, too complex for me.

  10. Всем привет с Флудилки Барахолки!!!!!

  11. 1 hours! Yeah ❤️! Amazing work. 🙂

  12. Wonderful series can't wait for the next one

  13. Hi Carley, fun video. To answer your Anno 1800 question, The natural rubber, is collected from tree like maple syrup in buckets.

  14. Who knew it would take an arrow for Carly to lose it. Fantastic content

  15. Fantastic video, as always. Loved seeing you talk about Wavelength. I used Wavelength to propose to my wife.

  16. Lol… This is great. Looking forward to the next 1,000 subs. So here's my offering to appease the algorithm gods:

    Amazing Video! Helpful! Funny thanks entertaining.

  17. Thanks for the video and Congratulations on 4k!!🎊🥳❤

  18. funny and true and mean… my favorite kind.

  19. Less drunk and less funny, but we can't always go downhill, right? Still amusing

  20. I lost it at the magic maze arrow tile LOL 😂

  21. ❤❤ … Awesome! … Video … Boardgames … Whisky … Carley 😀

  22. The only way to teach board games as far as we are concerned.

  23. The videos are great, Carley. Funny and charming. It'd be a fun idea maybe to get the number of drinks on screen as you get more chatty and enthusiastic.

  24. Doing this every thousand subs will be a big regret when the channel blows up.

  25. this is one of my new favorite board game channels. she brings something different to this space

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