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Drunk Explaining Board Games

Gnarly Carley Gaming
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Hi, I’m Carley of Gnarly Carley Gaming. In this video, inspired by Drunk History, I try to tackle explaining ten board games while two bottles deep in blood orange wine. I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. It starts with the giggly and ends in absurdity.

Special thanks to James, Cameron, and Zoe. You are this drunk lady’s heroes.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Root
1:32 Viticulture
3:03 Quacks of Quedlinburg
5:16 A Random Endorsement for Halloween Patchwork
5:51 Paint the Roses
7:27 Nemesis
9:17 Captain Sonar
15:02 Takenoko
18:50 Dice Miner
20:14 Smartphone
23:15 Survive! Escape From Atlantis


  1. At 7:30 I said to myself, "Among Us… Nope, Nemesis. Why did I say Among Us?"

  2. That was fun! I'd enjoy seeing this idea become a trend around the community for a minute. 🥂

  3. I like the rapid fire format of the quick intro to a variety of games. Would like to see more of this style of game review…with or without wine! 😉

  4. Did anyone else feel attacked when she mentioned deck building was… boring. Lol 😅

  5. We got two 8-person games of Captain Sonar in at DiceTower Retreat this past weekend in Orlando – so good! Great video, Carley!

  6. “It’s not just boobs; it’s a little bit of everything.” Wait, what was the rest of that conversation? 😂😂😂

  7. Okay this absolutely needs to be a recurring series

  8. Hilarious! This was fantastic! Brilliant idea!

  9. Adam Blampied needs to bring this to No Rolls Barred!

  10. So much fun just watching this, I can imagine filming this was a blast :-D.

  11. **PLEEEEASE** tell me you’re going to do more of these?!? This was adorable!

  12. You are an absolute blast Carley! I loved seeing this different side of you!!

  13. I hope you're one day able to go play at NRB in person. Would be fantastic to see you with the group.

  14. This is the Carley we need for Blood On The Clocktower.

  15. This is me trying to explain boardgames without getting drunk! Love the idea and format! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Omg you are so adorable and definitely need to do this again 😻

  17. Can we have drunk Carley playing BOTC on NRB please

  18. Yo, this is the Grumpy Meeple; just wanted to say, this is a hilarious premise for a video and I’m totally gonna steal it and add 1000% more grumpiness to the mix. Well done!

  19. So two joyful videos showed up in my “recommended” stream today… one is of a lovely 90+ street musician lady playing the piano in Melbourne… and then, this. Vow, here we go… 🙂

  20. Internet. Gold! I really hope there are more of these coming.

  21. omg, i freaking love you, i love this channel, thank you

  22. Loved this. A bold and brave move. One that surely paid off. Loving the content so far.
    Keep it up. Very entertaining

  23. Blood Orange Wine on the Clocktower needs to become a thing

  24. I loved the Takenoko explanation, it was very well done.

  25. 🤔Ya know if you put the Pornhub intro at the beginning and make a few clever edits especially @ 20:16 then…. nevermind 🤣
    I know I know Forgive me
    I'll go put myself in Time-out
    But in all seriousness as an amateur board game enthusiast
    There were some games here that have got me intrigued so I appreciate your drunken information 👍🏾

  26. when did this hobby started to get sexualized? i thought it was bald fat men with beards. When did we lost our way?

  27. I know most of these games but haven't played any of them.
    Actually getting together with friends to play games has been much lower than my desire to play them…especially the last couple years.

  28. gotta do what you gotta do to get boobs.

  29. Watched the whole vid, I have no idea what it was about but I really liked what I saw😏😋

  30. Just found your channel. More of these types of videos! Lol

  31. Carley drops F-Bomb. Dan instantly subscribes. 🙂

  32. I remember that classic film character the Wicked Witch of the Left.

  33. We play nemesis mixing both corporate and personal objectives together and randomly deal 2 cards, on top of that, we removed the easier personal objectives. In this case, the game turns into a competitive slaughterhouse and only in this mode is where the player powers and cunning strategies pushed to their limits.

  34. I really like how natural this is. So much board game content is scripted. When a group gets together and has a few drinks, there's going to be some language thrown around. Great stuff!

  35. "The Raccoon just kind of like, scootily-poops across the forest."
    This might be my new favorite Internet quote ever! 🙂

  36. What is this trash? Why did I just enjoy watching that? 😂

  37. This is the most hilarious board game video I've ever seen!

  38. so when are you gonna do a playing board games drunk?

  39. Risky idea for a video. This could have easily been unbearably annoying and embarrassing. Fortunately, it turned out super cute and entertaining.

  40. All of this is amazing. Also, Nemesis is on the list (plus painting)… Awesome sauce!!!

  41. hottest board game reviewer with merit 🙂

  42. I was introduced to you by NRB but this is the first time I'm watching a video on your channel, and I've been smiling the entire time 🥰

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