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Drunk Explaining Board Games

Gnarly Carley Gaming
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Hi, I’m Carley of Gnarly Carley Gaming. In this video, inspired by Drunk History, I try to tackle explaining ten board games while two bottles deep in blood orange wine. I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. It starts with the giggly and ends in absurdity.

Special thanks to James, Cameron, and Zoe. You are this drunk lady’s heroes.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Root
1:32 Viticulture
3:03 Quacks of Quedlinburg
5:16 A Random Endorsement for Halloween Patchwork
5:51 Paint the Roses
7:27 Nemesis
9:17 Captain Sonar
15:02 Takenoko
18:50 Dice Miner
20:14 Smartphone
23:15 Survive! Escape From Atlantis


  1. Survive! Escape from Atlantis is a reboot of a game we have from my childhood. It used to just be called "Escape from Atlantis" and the island and monster pieces were 3D little coloured models.

  2. The content we all needed and didn't realize

  3. "….and you're pouring whiskey….it's a lot, I get it…." 2 minutes in, and I'm laughing out loud….

  4. Only one minute in and I already realize THIS is the thing the internet didn't know it needed. Also "squiddly poops".

  5. All those dice that fell to the floor during the Dice Miner section gave me anxiety 😅😅

  6. Tom Vasel also hates Chupacabra and he's wrong about that too.

  7. Second Part: Explaining Board Games with a Hangover

  8. Carley do you only play blood on clocktower with NRB (Adam, Laurie, sully etc)?

  9. This is the review format I didn’t know I needed but makes so much sense. Thank you.

  10. The divider from Captain Sonor was a nice touch, I don’t know about you, but I felt safe and protected lmao!

  11. I didn't know I needed this but I really needed this.

  12. Well I got recommended this after loads of NoRollsBarred and immediately subbed.

  13. Not even a minute in and i love this! You rock my friend

  14. This is the best concept of all time. Also…. scoodily poops

  15. I received the notification for this video and I've never been more excited to watch anything on Youtube in a long long time. This was everything I'd hoped it'd be and I second the random endorsement for Halloween Patchwork!

  16. This was awesome, oddly some well explained games. From an adorable drunk too haha.

  17. After watching this I wonder if Carley's friends know she has had too much to drink when random swearing Carley comes out.

  18. This is so much fun! Thank you for this "Explaining Video" 😀 I am glad, that I knew almost every games rules before. Because of that, the explanations were hilariously funny! Thanks for making my day and keep them comming please 😀

  19. Haha the eyes after your opening… "Am I really going to do this?! …HERE WE GOOO"

  20. Hadn't hear of Smartphone and now I can't decide if I want to play it, or just want to get drunk with friends….

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